Make Mends Meet

Make Mends Meet is a social art practice where people meet to mend, share stories and rescue textiles from the landfill.

Mending is an act of defiance in a world, where we throw out what we don’t love or need any longer instead of sharing, repairing or reinventing what we already own.

We repair the social fabric while mending clothes, shoes, pillows and everything else that’s soft and subject to wear and tear.

Mending skills are easily acquired and are the foundation for endless possibilities to be creative. It’s empowering to make something better with your own hands and control this process from start to finish.

We have always known (and recent studies confirm) that doing textile work with our hand is directly connected with our mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

At Make Mends Meet we believe that nothing is beyond mending and repair, including yourself.  That’s why we meet, mend, make, care and repair, upcycle and reinvent. 

It’s free and everyone is welcome!

Upcoming dates and times:


Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm


August: Summer Break!

The Soil Factory
142 Ithaca Beer Dr
Ithaca, NY 14850