And the Winner is…..

Thank you all for leaving such wonderful and encouraging comments. With this kind of support, I should do one every week.

I’ll make a special package and send it to….

Amy Lear, who left these words in the comment section: “Wow. Thank YOU! You’ve absolutely inspired me to sew by hand. Since December, I’ve tailored a cardigan for me, some embroidery for my sister and fixed several pairs of my kids’ jeans. I especially appreciate the hand sewing how-to’s. Thanks!


(Hi Amy, please e-mail me your contact/mailing address.)



Give Away on annekata

It’s Valentine’s Day and time to thank you all for being part of the blog over the last year. Your wonderful and thoughtful comments and emails are an integral part of annekata.

I’m offering these hand-sewn favorites of mine as a Thank-You-Give-Away to one lucky winner:

- a hand-sewn embroidered linen bag
- a locket with embroidery
- a hand-sewn ring

- an ornament pin

Give Away on annekata

Give Away on annekata

Everybody can participate, just enter your comment  in this post before Wednesday, the 16th of February at 5 pm EST. I will ship world wide. A randomly selected winner will be announced on Thursday morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you all!

And the Winner is…

Thank you all for leaving such wonderful and encouraging comments. I’ll wrap up three scarves and send a special package to…

Sharon who left these words in the comment section: “These are beautiful. I’d love to get one. Thank you for the generosity. It is also an opportunity to tell you that I enjoy your blog and your good taste. (Just watched the Secret of Kells last week and loved it).….”. So the Sharon, who watched the “Secret of Kells” last week (and loved it) is the winner!


(Hi Sharon, please e-mail me your contact/mailing address.)

Spiral Scarf Give-Away, Pattern Talk

Give-Away Scarves
Thank you all so much for your great comments. There are still a few hours left to to win the wine red scarf above and two others as a Thank You. Anyone can enter, and I’ll ship them anywhere.
The pattern, with easy-to-understand instructions is almost ready and will be available later this week. There are just a few details left to complete. The scarf has only 2 or 3 seams, depending on the desired length, which can be easily hand-sewn. 
When announcing the winner tomorrow, I’ll have a quick tutorial up showing how to make the felled seams used.

Thank You Give-Away

Today, I’m doing my first give-away. Above are 3 hand-sewn scarves made from soft, re-purposed t-shirts for one lucky winner. It celebrates my first 3 months of blogging and concludes our week at the circus. It was a lot of fun, and a balancing act at the same time. The green scarf makes the perfect […] Read more »