When I blogged last year about Wim Wender’s movie “Pina”, there was not much hope it would ever be shown in upstate NY. But thanks to the nomination for the Academy Award now it is and I went to see it yesterday. The film is an absolutely breathtaking tribute to Pina Bausch. Here are some […] Read more »

Finishing Touch

One of the remarkable features of Chanin’s clothes is the elaborate binding of the neck. I especially like the “rosebud” stitch (also chained feather Stitch) , which I’ve never tried before. The stitch is easy to master, but using it to bind a neckline is a whole other story… My first attempt was with a […] Read more »

Found through enhabiten yesterday, a TED lecture from 2006. Ken Robinson says in a humorous way what my fears have been all along, that schools kill creativity and don’t prepare young people for solving the problems of the future. Read more »

When the Wrong Side Feels Right

Embroidery for me has to be closely related to sewing. I usually work without a hoop and use very simple stitches, like a running or back stitch or a buttonhole stitch. For this scarf I decided using only the buttonhole stitch as a constraint. Constraints are important because with unlimited choices I freeze like a […] Read more »

Tap Dance and Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday, I bought myself some tap dancing shoes at our thrift shop. I’ve never tap danced in my life, but I’ve always flirted with the idea of learning. It seems such a good idea to combine fun, music, rhythm and exercise all in one. I bought two pairs, one for me and one for my […] Read more »

Guilty Pleasures, Time and a Bit of Sewing

This week I should have been diagnosed with ADHD. You know the feeling… bouncing off walls and getting nothing accomplished. To salvage the day, something…. anything had to be accomplished. I find Natalie Chanin’s  work inspiring, but extremely time consuming. It’s not the place to look for a project to complete quickly, on the other […] Read more »

Cloth Magazine

Finally the icy temperatures have hit upstate NY. It never ceases to amaze me, how cold cold feels. This happens every year, of course.  A perfect day however to grab a cup of tea after work  and read. What a nice surprise in the stack of my mail when I received the British magazine Cloth, […] Read more »

New Beginnings…

I’ve started a new blog. And after 5 months of thinking, I finally decided on a great new name: Isn’t that creative? I wanted to notify each of you personally who had left email addresses, but, here’s what happened: ALL of my emails disappeared into the great void while transferring accounts. Auspicious beginnings? Mmmh. […] Read more »

Knitting and All Things French

Spring break week is flying by. Some of you might have received a confused jumble of thoughts from me in your inbox last night when I pressed the wrong button at 1 in the morning. (The Save Now and Publish Post buttons lie awfully close together.) Please delete it. Please. A ‘postable’ version is in […] Read more »