I’m a Little Teacup….

The idea came late at night. Four weeks worth of wondering about if my creativity went on sabbatical. Then finally on Thursday while immersed in my leaf obsession it the idea slowly took shape. And shape it was. I’ve been wanting to explore dimensional fabric construction for some time, but didn’t know where to begin. […] Read more »

Mending and Patching Re-Visited

Over the weekend I was hoping for a sudden inspiration regarding fabric manipulation. But with the incredible weather we’re having in the North East and visiting the corpse plant three times, it just didn’t happen. But man, was that flower smelly. It’s open now for the next few hours, if you want to see. Yesterday […] Read more »

Creating Islands of Slowness: Slow Textile Group

Above is the lookbook of the Slow Textile Group; a social enterprise whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of textiles through exhibition, education, innovation, application and debate. Everyone is welcome to join and together the group explores the many possibilities of how to change the textile industry in both big and […] Read more »

Stitching and a Second of Eternity

Do you know the tale of the Shepherd Boy by the Brothers Grimm? It’s what parents in Germany tell their kids when asked the impossible to answer question about the immenseness of time: A king asked a very smart shepherd boy, how many seconds there were in eternity. The boy thought for a minute and […] Read more »

Finishing Touch Done

It’s done! It’s done! Its done! I am ready to attach binding to everything that won’t complain or run away. Eventually all of my husband’s shirts will feature beautiful necklines, because I’ve a new found love for adding trim. And best of all, there is an easy way to do it. But, if you have […] Read more »

Fabric Manipulation

I’ve always admired smocked surfaces, but never tried it before. For our fabric manipulation challenge I thought a great opportunity to experiment with the technique. Jersey is not an obvious fabric choice, but it turned out much better than expected; another example of the versatility of t-shirts. I made some pleats in preparation for the […] Read more »

Junko Oki: Woky Shoten

One of my favorite stitchers. Ever. I love how she uses the thread to draw; and how loose and improvised her work feels. This must be a photograph of a page from one of her self-published booklets. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to purchase with no knowledge of Japanese. If you know how, would […] Read more »

T-Shirt + Small Stitches = ?

This weekend my daughter agreed to model my latest scarf. Initially the tiny irregular stitches and the not so inventive circles seemed a waste of time. But often, when many small stitches come together the eye creates a pattern, so when the scarf was finished and assembled, it looked as if it was planned. Threading […] Read more »

When Manipulation is a Good Thing

Let’s manipulate together!  German bloggers Suschna, Nahtzugabe, Griselda, Karen, Tally, frifris and Kathrin are interested in experimenting with fabric manipulation.  Anything goes; included are embroidery, couching, shirring, quilting, pleating and smocking.  If you don’t know what some – or any – of these mean, don’t worry, it’s whatever you can do to alter a fabric’s […] Read more »

Cabin Fever and Real Fever

Wouldn’t you love to be here? Well, I would too because I had a bit of cabin fever this week and my child unfortunately had a real fever. That makes for many unfocused days, browsing the web and getting little or nothing done. The cabin pictured above is in Japan, where I sometimes wander in […] Read more »