Guest Blogging at Whip Up

Today I’m over at Kathreen’s blog with a guest post and I’m honored to be in such great company. Whip up has a wonderful guest blogging series with many fascinating craft ideas and artists. The necklaces above can be made in 10 minutes for a minimalist design or more for a more intricate one. It’s […] Read more »

Draping 101: From Skirt toTop

Remember I had big plans for draping last summer? Yeah, what happened to those? Well, I made the dress form according to my measurements, looked at books from Madeleine Vionnet  and I shouldn’t have done this. Everything I could possibly drape would resemble a jacket hung over a chair…) It is also hard to work […] Read more »

Summer Shirts and Ice Scating

The maroon shirt on the right is one of my favorite old t-shirts and it’s kind of ordinary. It actually becomes more ordinary seeing it here instead of in my closet. But it’s very comfortable and I love wearing it. And that can make any ordinary shirt special. Since it’s one of my favorites, I […] Read more »

Palacios and My Humble Home

You might have guessed that this is not my home. No, it’s the “Casa de Pilatos“, a 16th-century Andalucia palace and considered one of the finest examples of Andalusian architecture of sixteenth century Sevilla: Courtyards, paintings, frescos, statues of emperors from nearby Italica and azulejos (tiles) wherever your eyes can see. Tiles are everywhere in […] Read more »

Tutorial: Swarovski Pins

Finally home (and with me, many bags waiting to be unpacked). The hair pins above are quick and easy and an excellent way to make a special gift. I’ve seen beaded pins made with wire, but while traveling found that thread works equally well if not better. To make your own, here’s how: Supplies: - […] Read more »

How to make a lined Garbo Hat

Here is the fully lined deluxe version of the “Garbo Hat”. The first version was simple and fast, wonderful if you work with felt. However, lined hats do feel more substantial and are recommended if fabrics other than felt are used. This is what you do: Sew a hat according to the instructions here, but […] Read more »

Greta Garbo and How to Make a New Hat

What does Greta Garbo have to do with annekata? Nothing, really….except, we wear similar hats. And if you want to look like Greta this winter, here’s a little holiday gift. Make you very own “Garbo Hat”. To finish it off, just add some red lipstick. (To the lips, not the hat.) This hat can be […] Read more »

Cookies in a Jar, Ornaments and Gift Tags

When my stitched ornaments were featured on Sew Mama Sew last week, I thought it would be nice to give an idea of how they would look dressed up for winter using felt or wool fabric. The cookie jars above were gifts I made last year with my daughter. The cookies were made from the […] Read more »