This is Where I Live

This is where I live. Bohemian or messy, whatever it is… it’s home!  My guests are here and the upstate New York weather is doing what it does best this time of year: raining. But this will not deter us from enjoying the waterfalls, sampling wine from the local vineyards, and visiting some of the […] Read more »

Bohemian Style

When I entered the front door of what was to become our home, it was love at first sight. On the walls were hanging vintage Asian movie posters and old Chinese trunks evoked exotic travels and far away places. The house was a period set piece, but staged so well that I didn’t notice the […] Read more »

Coffee Houses, Cakes and Stitches

Interior images (c): JosefK Every year, when falling leaves drift by my window, I have “Sehnsucht” to go to a European coffee house. Sehnsucht means longing, but is, like Zeitgeist, untranslatable. Look at this one – the Jozef K. in Sopot, Poland which unfortunately I have not yet visited. It has everything a proper coffee […] Read more »

Dark Walls – Fashion and Interiors

This is actually the only issue of Domino Magazine I own and will be the only one, as the magazine is no longer being published. The whole Nov. 2008  issue is interesting, but the best article was “Glamorous Decadence”, combining fashion with interiors. It has certainly been done before and so many fashion designers have […] Read more »

John Derian’s House on the Cape

This summer we have a trip planned to Provincetown, on Cape Cod. We surprised our daughter with a whale watching gift. She is really interested in all things ocean and thought it a bit risky to give her a gift certificate, not sure, if she would appreciate an “experience” as a birthday gift. But she […] Read more »

When Children Decorate…

The other day I asked my daughter to make a stained glass window in our hallway. She was thrilled with this task. We used tempera paint as it washes right off. At least, that’s the idea. I actually like it quite a bit as the hallway is dark and when the sun shines in the […] Read more »

The Decayed and The Beautiful

This is an 1850’s farmhouse in upstate NY. My friend bought it a few months ago and we’ve been walking through every corner of it finding fun bits and pieces of NY history. It was gutted, so its structure is out in the open and ready for a whole outfit. Although it’s an enormous task […] Read more »


Maria Sibylla Merian (born 1647 in Frankfurt/Main) began studying insects early in her life, particularly the life cycle of caterpillars and butterflies and how the transformation happens. And here is what is really impressive. In 1699 the city of Amsterdam sponsored Merian to travel to Surinam with her daughter, Dorothea Maria. (Notice that Maria Sibylla […] Read more »

Regentag mit Rebecca

So sah mein Tag aus meinem Fenster aus. Drinnen gab es verbluehende Tulpen. Und mein Interior Design Buch von Rebecca Purcell. Ein Highlight wenn’s um Spontanitaet, Selber Machen, breaking some rules und ausdrucksvolle Raumgestaltung geht. Nix gegen Ikea und Pottery Barn, aber es geht auch ohne. Die Bilder sind allesamt inspirierend. Und es gibt ein […] Read more »