Beyond Water Colors

Here is something to watch with your Sunday morning coffee. Or tea. Self taught painter Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes-Cecile created this incredible water color portrait in only an hour and a half for the 1000drawings event. It’s unbelievable the control she has over a difficult medium. Read more »

Flokati Rugs and MassMoca

Do you remember the old flokati rugs, the shaggy ones from the seventies? I had one and it was impossible to keep clean. This is what I should have done with mine before throwing it out. Anna Betbeze manipulates these rugs into textile sculptures, moving the flokati from the 70’s bedroom into world class galleries. […] Read more »

Guerra de la Paz

On this Monday morning, I am still buried in our daughter’s school art show preparation and could easily be pictured as one of the people in image above left. It’s also an excellent morning to introduce the work of Cuban born American artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz who collaborate as “Guerra de […] Read more »

War on Leaves: Binh Danh

Binh Danh focuses on the Vietnam War Era. His images – disturbing and powerful, reveal themselves like dark dreams and memories: hazy and vague. I don’t know about you, but I don’t dream in color. My dreams are usually sepia, colored just like those leaves. What you see above is not a photograph printed on […] Read more »

Jackie Nickerson

Jackie Nickerson‘s photographs need no explanation. These images are part of her ‘Farm’ series, shot in South Africa. They are moving and powerful beyond words. After a successful career in commercial photography, Nickerson ditched her magazine job, bought a truck and traveled 2 and a half years through Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. A woman […] Read more »

Mara Baldwin is in Mimi’s Attic

Mara Baldwin is an artist I met this weekend at Mimi’s Attic, my favorite local thrift store. She’s a graduate of the Californian College of Fine Arts (CCA) and works with textiles, drawings, watercolor and sculpture. Her art is phenomenal, not only aesthetically, but intellectually as well. Look at the bedsheet she artfully – and […] Read more »

Oscar Gowns and Dogon Hunters

Did you look at all the glitzy gowns worn to the Oscars? I frankly didn’t see any dress to fall in love with. Since all the award ceremonies and Fashion Week Milan are in full swing, I thought we could use a break and go back to the basics. Pictured above is a Hunter shirt […] Read more »

Junko Oki: Woky Shoten

One of my favorite stitchers. Ever. I love how she uses the thread to draw; and how loose and improvised her work feels. This must be a photograph of a page from one of her self-published booklets. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to purchase with no knowledge of Japanese. If you know how, would […] Read more »

Nunalab: Manipulating T-shirts

Ever wondered what else you can do with old t-shirts? Nunalab rescues jersey remnants from factories around Lima, Peru and transforms them into unique contemporary accessories: fabric manipulation at its best! Nunalab was founded in 2010 by Ursula Alvarez and Mariela Bazan who have been working with Peruvian artisans for over 20 years. The concept […] Read more »