Where Things Come From – Fine Cell Works

Imagine a place where men with needle and thread stitch beautiful patchwork bags, embroidered linens, needlepoint pillows and quilts.  Now imagine that this place is inside a UK prison, thanks to an incredible program called “Fine Cell Works“, in which prisoners create delicate items to be sold through their website. The program runs in 26 […] Read more »

Three-dimensional Embroidery

Jane Edmonds book “Three-dimensional Embroidery” is a feast for the eyes with wonderful pictures, inspiration and How-To illustrations. What a phenomenal book for thinking outside the box. I tried my hand at a small coiled bowl to see if making fabric vessels would be another pursuit to add to my ever-growing list. Coiled and layered […] Read more »

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Amitav Gosh’s “The Glass Palace” didn’t really need a pretty cover, but when I found two remnants in our local Sew Green Store, they seemed to be destined for each other. Adjustable book covers are certainly not new, but could be a perfect project in front of the fire place. Or in the subway. I […] Read more »

Foreclosure Quilts – Amazing Series by Kathryn Clark

Before becoming a full time artist, Kathryn Clark spent several years working as an urban planner and architect. Through this work she became aware early, that the onset of the foreclosures during the last decade would have enormous future impact on cities, towns and neighborhoods throughout the US. And boy was she ever right. In her […] Read more »

Blues and Blankets…

A blue afternoon. Experimenting with blanket making. I like the idea of creating a “modular” blanket which doesn’t need to be completely planned from start to finish like many quilts. Often ideas come when I’m in the middle of a project, so it’s great to have the flexibility to change direction. Not sure where this […] Read more »

Upgrading and Improvising

It’s hard to start a big project when it’s hot. All of my plans melted during the 100F heatwave we’ve been “enjoying” all week. I’ll spare you my dear reader another whiny lament on why I hate this weather.  Here’s my project from yesterday, it took less than an hour and made an unwearable t-shirt […] Read more »

Pants and Hidden Zippers

Usually I wear skirts in winter. They can be layered, warm and comfortable. I also hate the feeling of pants over tights. It makes me feel like a sausage looks. However, as soon as spring arrives, pants come out of the closet. I love picnics in the park and being able to sit comfortably rather […] Read more »

Hand-Sewn "Thing to Wear"

 http://oldjapanphoto.wordpress.com/ A kimono is the quintessential Japanese garment. The word kimono actually means “thing to wear” from “ki” = wear, and “mono”=thing. So, why am I writing about Kimonos? Sass Brown from ecofashiontalk.com had a very thoughtful post on the Japanese company ‘Ichiroya Kimono Flea Market‘ which sells kimonos and related items. Not only was […] Read more »

Stitching In The Moment

After a week of paying attention 24/7 to every Live-Ticker on the internet with news regarding Japan, I couldn’t take myself anymore. So I went for a nice walk in the woods, but it didn’t work, my mind was elsewhere. Enough! Meditation should be a good way to center myself or so I thought. Yeah […] Read more »

Blue Flower Skirt Progress

The laundry is piling up, but my skirt is wearable. Let’s see how it turned out. I really like it……………until I look at the source of inspiration; then I like it a little less. The original design was balanced, while mine is not. Instead, it has a random flower, twig and leaf pattern. That’s why […] Read more »