The World’s Best Cornbread Recipe and Faces in Places

Oh, the wonderful trusty old Internet. I was looking for a cornbread recipe and here it is. KosherBlog.  It won the blue ribbon competition at the Iowa State Fair and I’ve been told they really know their corn. And I really loved the taste, the texture, just everything. The recipe has been all over the […] Read more »

The Food Network’s Surprise: Cup Cake Wars

I had never heard about a show called “Cupcake Wars” until 2 days ago, when the NY Times ran an article about the popular new show on the Food Network. The reason they wrote about it was that a vegan cupcake won. In spite of the competition with butter, milk and egg recipes. Twenty-two year […] Read more »

Lunch and Love…

School has started and I am back to making lunch boxes every day. EVERY day! We are using the “Laptop Lunch Box” which we loved for the last 3 years. But now some compartments are missing and it’s made from plastic. Food and plastic don’t mix well in my opinion. My dear friend Maya found […] Read more »

Sweet Summer Treats

Our circus party definitely needed some treats to get things started. Sweet treats to be precise. Maya and I created two, one frozen and one crispy treat with flowers. Every child I know loves edible flowers. Personally,  my experience was restricted to broccoli and cauliflower. And, of course, in Germany we ate dandelions. As kids […] Read more »