Pac Man Meets Patchwork

When the earthquake with its terrible devastation and radiation threat hit Japan last March, Japanese Fashion Week (JFW)was understandably canceled. Nevertheless, only eleven days later, one designer displayed her collection and 14 others (out of the usual 50) decided to independently show their collections as well.  Is it frivolous to show fashion in a time […] Read more »

"Savage Beauty": When Fashion is Art

(Solve Sundsbo / Metropolitan Museum of Art) Tomorrow, May 4th the exhibit “Savage Beauty”, organized by the Metropolitan Costume Institute will open in NYC celebrating Alexander McQueen’s incredible work and contribution to fashion. And boy, do I wish I was there. McQueen used fashion as a way of expressing his artistic genius, but in reality […] Read more »

Frivolities and the Frenchness Factor

Style icon Ines de la Fressange has written a book: “Parisian Chic“. The book is not yet mine, and may never be, but I was surely obsessed with it last week. Luckily my local book store carried a copy, so grabbing a cup of coffee and feeling thrifty I tried to memorize the entire thing, […] Read more »

White and Conscious Colors

H&M’s “Conscious Collection” has been all over the internet. It’s their new sustainable line which is made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester. I liked some of the clothes, so I went to the site, of course and ask myself: How on earth can H&M offer an organic cotton […] Read more »

Inspiring, Green, Dosa Inc.

(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) The fabric above is from Dosa Inc. and reminded me instantly of Korean pojagis with their translucent quality and fine craftsmanship. I was originally searching the web for fine organic muslin and stumbled over Jamdani and from there, to Dosa Inc. What is Jamdani you may ask? According […] Read more »

Istanbul Fashion in Koeln

Viewing the familiar from a new perspective has always been one of my themes. Here’s an example: Ten years ago I lived in Cologne. The city has a wealth of wonderful museums; however, the “Museum of Applied Arts” was not on my radar. Now, I wonder, how on earth could I have missed it. The […] Read more »

Reconstructed Sculpted Fashion

As I was looking through my posts of the last week, it became clear that in my clothing construction there’s really no constructing without deconstructing because I almost always work with recycled material. It seems perfectly fine for me to cut into a functional piece of clothing whose aesthetic I don’t like to transform it […] Read more »

Sass Brown: Eco Fashion (and Albert Einstein)

Remember when I mentioned the book “Eco Fashion” last month? On Saturday it finally arrived. It’s all that I could have imagined and more. Sass Brown has written an incredible book featuring many designers and artists known to me, but many that were also new. Geoffrey B. Small, a pioneer in avant-garde design, recycling and […] Read more »