My Discovery of a 700 Year Old Craft Book

Guess what I did over the weekend. I time traveled to medieval Tuscany where I discovered Cennino d’Andrea Cennini an Italian painter thought to have lived during the 14th/15th century. He was not only an artist, but also a teacher of his craft and wrote a book:  Il libro dell’arte, often translated as The Craftsman’s […] Read more »

Black Beans and Eco Colour

Have you ever thought of what to do with the water you soak your black beans in? Of course not. I usually throw it out or use it for watering the plants. I hadn’t either until yesterday. But first things first. Yesterday the much anticipated book “Eco Colour” by India Flint arrived in my mailbox. […] Read more »

I’m a Little Teacup….

The idea came late at night. Four weeks worth of wondering about if my creativity went on sabbatical. Then finally on Thursday while immersed in my leaf obsession it the idea slowly took shape. And shape it was. I’ve been wanting to explore dimensional fabric construction for some time, but didn’t know where to begin. […] Read more »

On the Playground

OMG, that didn’t work out as planned. I had imagined all sorts of creative outcomes, but instead I came up with…..nothing really. The bracelet on the top left did have some potential, but not enough to keep my interest. It was late at night when I finally stopped; frustrated and entangled in multicolored threads. That’s […] Read more »