Image from the book “Time” by Andy Goldsworthy From an artist’s perspective: “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; […] Read more »

Tucholsky’s Holes and Goldsworthy’s Time

It’s astounding what you can do with a bunch of wood pieces when you are Andy Goldsworthy. For this month’s fabric play I chose to think about/stitch and create holes. Goldworthy’s book “Time” was my first inspiration: The image on the left is a river bed where the mud has been removed and sticks put […] Read more »

Six Words to Describe Your Life

Do you read in the bathroom? I always thought everybody did, but then found out that it’s a no-no for many people. My whole family firmly belongs to the bathroom reading crowd with books, newspapers and magazines tucked away in every corner. My daughter hides her old Archie comics and reads them over and over, […] Read more »

John Cleese On How to Be Creative….

Do you remember John Cleese?  This video from 1991, which I watched last night instead of writing a post, features him and his thoughts on creativity. Cleese, you may remember is famous for his work with Monty Python, and if you can, watch the whole video. It’s worthwhile not just for his delivery, but also for […] Read more »

Flower Thread Doodles

Thread doodles on black linen. Fall brings back the embroidery floss. This pin was  inspired by a book cover design… And this one to remember that it is never too late to be creative and learn something new… Enjoy your weekend! Read more »


Foto Lucas Gölén from the book “Yllebroderier“ Ever since I’ve discovered Hallandssöm last week, I’ve been exploring the world of Swedish embroidery.  Thanks to very helpful reader M. I spent more time on the internet than with my family last week. She sent me a wealth of information and links to explore the many talented […] Read more »

ESMOD – Sustainability in Fashion

If I lived in Berlin, I’d definitely go to the ESMOD Fashion Show on October 13 – 14. ESMOD is the International University of Art for Fashion and offers an International Masters Programme for Sustainability in Fashion. At its Berlin branch, twelve pioneering students will showcase their work, which will include a collection of sneakers made from Austrian […] Read more »

(R) Restricted Embroidery – Some Nudity

Did the title make you click? I was originally taken by the texture, shapes and form of the ribbon and didn’t at first notice the stylized undressed figures moving and dancing. The work is by Susanne Klinke, a German artist from Meschede and there is not much about her or her work on the internet. […] Read more »

Fabric Manipulation or Hallandssöm Is Not A Place In Sweden

This week I encountered Hallandssöm embroidery. At first I thought Hallandssöm was a quaint village somewhere in Sweden, birthplace of this interesting technique, but google maps didn’t  back me up. So I’m not sure from where it derives its name. Embroidery manipulates a fabric’s surface. What I did here, using this process, is not true […] Read more »