Last week we were at dOCUMENTA13 in Kassel, one of the World’s more interesting venues for contemporary art. We were lucky to have the chance to visit the exhibition as it happens only once every five years. I’ll show you what caught my eye later, as I am now in the heart of the Black Forest with only “1 bar” of internet access, not enough to upload anything more than the image above.

The image above is a detail from a tapestry by Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970) a self-taught weaver, translating the claustrophobic feeling of war and destruction into remarkable woven cloths. She commented on Fascism and Nazism’s emergence in Europe in the inter-war years, and Norwegian politics in the post-war years.

Kassel was nominated twice as the “ugliest city in Germany”, but with the dOCUMENTA and all its visitors from around the world, I found Kassel incredibly lively. I’m always amazed how art can transform even the ugliest city into a place of inspiration and introspection.

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  1. Suschna says:

    I am very much looking forward to going there. Thanks already für the weaving, I will look out for it. I have heard it is a great atmosphere this time. The others years I didn’t notive such a big change, but I guess the curators were less “sensual”.

  2. strikkelise says:

    I jumped in my chair when I saw the photo in your posting. The tapestry is so unmistakably Hannah Ryggen.

    One of her tapestries (“We are living on a star”) was hanging in the government building in Oslo that was bombed in the terrorist attack on July 22nd last year. It is now restored and is shown at the moment in the Hannah Ryggen centre in Ørland west of Trondheim (Norway). A large tear in the tapestry has been kept as a memento of the bombing. The tapestry will stay in the Hannah Ryggen centre until the government building is once again inhabitable.

  3. Siebensachen says:

    Danke für deine Impressionen von der dDOCUMENTA und den Hinweis auf den Wandteppich. Ich werde auch noch hinfahren.

  4. Paola Moreno says:

    Gracias por el link, soñaba con el momento de ver tapicería en Documenta. Mil gracias. Paola.

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