Dance of the Crows

At this year’s dOCUMENTA13, I learned about Füsun Onur’s work. She’s an artist from Turkey and uses many different material to express her art including needle and thread.

“Dance of the Crows” was very much what I had envisioned when I cut holes in my curtain (as you may remember). Unfortunately, I had no concept. This is the difference between a real artist and myself.

This beautiful curtain is giving me some inspiration:

The image above is the whole cloth and difficult to photograph. It’s a hand-stitched piece of calico, commissioned by dOCUMENTA that covers a window in the “Neue Gallerie”.

Look at these details:

And my favorite feature…’s reversible.

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  1. Suschna says:

    “Real artist” – not really artist? Maybe if you had had such a commission you would have done something similar.
    Dazu passt ein Zitat von Jonathan Meese: “Ob man malen kann oder nicht, spielt für die Malerei überhaupt keine Rolle, entweder man macht’s oder man lässt’s”.
    Wir könnten uns ja für einen Stoff-Monat vornehmen, so einen Vorhang zu machen. Quasi-commission.

  2. John Rollow says:

    WordPress is not letting me post comments. Don’t know whats wrong.

  3. John Rollow says:

    This one got thru. Two earlier referred to your post on “Are you creative?” WP cited an error of “duplicate content . . . ”
    Any idea what’s going on?

  4. John Rollow says:

    Couldn’t find you on Facebook. No profile or page?
    As a retired architect, I like the “creativity’ content of your blog. Facebook would be a nice extension of those posts, to a wider audience.

  5. Setari says:

    Wow – this is amazing! Thanks for posting closeups. What an expressive way to stitch! Very inspiring.

  6. judy martin says:

    So strange.
    I have been thinking of curtains – white curtains with holes in them.
    I have been thinking of making white curtains with holes in them and then mending the holes.

    And then I visit your blog and see this.
    So strange.
    So amazing.
    The world and the thoughts that fly above us are so connected.

  7. Your work is so beautiful, I love the tree!

  8. kathrin says:

    That’s not my work, but you’re right, the fabric is really beautiful. It was created by Füsun Onur and unfortunately there is very little information on the internet.


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