Think Twice

Have you ever wondered why there are no good online second hand stores? Of course, there’s Ebay and Etsy, but it’s not easy to browse and sort for clothes.

Well, that all changed in the spring of 2011, when “Twice” was born. A brainchild of two former Google employees, at Twice you can buy and sell your lightly used clothes in an easy and fun way. Shipping your used clothes to them is free. Just let Twice know what items you’re selling, they calculate shipping and offer a prepaid label. They also estimate the price they will pay for your clothes. Very clever. Shopping is equally easy. Every item is presented with three different views and  measurements are provided to facilitate fit. They offer dresses, tops, jeans, pants and skirts which can be sorted by size, color, brand, etc.

Twice is like shopping in a good second hand store with clothes from Gap, Anthropologie, Topshop, J. Crew etc. I wouldn’t buy any of these brands first hand, because a) I hate going to the mall and b) I’d rather buy second hand. Curiously I have much less of a problem with Topshop and the likes, when someone else has bought it before me and already worn it. When an item is already produced and purchased, I want to extend its life span as much as possible, by wearing it, up-cycling it and/or mending it.

And finally, are not many of the ethically produced clothes now produced in China, India, Bangladesh and other countries with cheap labor and lax laws for environmental protection? Do we really know where our clothes are coming from?

Am I supporting the production of cheap clothes by buying these very brands second-hand?

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5 Responses to “Think Twice”

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  1. Katie says:

    I wonder the same thing every time I shop secondhand. Yet I feel it’s the best thing I can do.

  2. kathrin says:

    That’s what I think too. Sometimes I still dream of a fully hand-sewn wardrobe…..

  3. susana says:

    Creo que todo reciclaje es valido ,incluso si no sabemos el origen de ellos.
    Vivo en Sudamérica , acá los talleres clandestinos son perseguidos ,pero creo que es algo complejo .Porque esas personas se prestan para esos trabajos?Porque en sus países de origen o lugares del mismo país en el que vivo, sus condiciones de vida son aun peores que las que tienen.
    Todo lo que tengo puesto en este momento es de segunda mano. Acá sábado y domingo hay plazas enteras con gente que vende prendas de segunda ,tercera o cuarta.Me encanta pasear por allí ,Cariños,su blog me encanta ,estoy haciendo el gorro que encontré el año pasado ,cuando tenia el otro blog.

  4. Selina Gough says:

    I think that throwaway fashion is here to stay for the forseeable future, the idea of handmade or expensive quality clothing is just not reality for most people at the moment. Surely then, buying these clothes second-hand and extending their life is pretty sustainable practice? At least I hope so, cos it’s what I do too…

  5. Barbara says:

    Hmm, I think oxfam in the uk ship their secondhand clothing internationally. Go to and start rummaging! The categories are easy to use but the sizes are mostly uk ones which will take a little navigating.

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