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Good morning! The weekend is almost here and I’ll leave with some good finds around the web:

Amongst the many fantastic pinterest boards, Kate Lyden’s and Nesting Emily’s, especially her beautiful set on textiles are two of my favorites.

Found a great pre-fab home, which I can really imagine living in, if there were 50 acres of dense forest around me. Also spend some time wondering if my house wasn’t much too big and if I shouldn’t downsize dramatically. Got inspired at Apartment Therapy’s small house contest. Understand now, they are good for one person, but it would be a little too tight for the rest of my family.

Read this fascinating article “Early Bloomers” by Richard B. Primack, a professor of biology. It offers an interesting view on how much botany has changed over the last 160 years. He refers to Henry David Thoreau’s wonderful concept for an imagined instrument called the “realometer”. What a great name! It should be a household tool. As Thoreau wrote, “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

Admired British beauty Daphne Selfe, a 83 year-old fashion model who credits good genes, her longer silver hair and a willingness to resist the surgeon’s knife to her success. And successful she is.

Marveled at these tartelettes au citron  on the beautifully photographed  “Have Cake Will Travel”. food blog. Also thinking of making these tasty looking date/orange/chocolate/granola squares from my favorite Indian food blog.

Bought a pedometer and was surprised to learn, how little I move. Guess stitcher and internet surfer equals couch potato. Wonder if one can stitch while walking. Gotta move more, think I’ll go hiking this weekend.

But if it rains, well, then I’ll stitch instead.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. From one stitching/blogging couch potato to another…I thought stitching WAS exercise…it’s not? dang! : ( I broke down last night and placed my first Alabama Chanin order. I almost got a kit as the one I wanted was on sale, but decided at the last minute that I was being lazy. Ended up with a cart full of fabric instead, fun colors and I’m so excited! Will be glued to my “chair” sitting on a dead pedometer when it arrives for sure! I pray the result is worth blogging about and not hiding in the scrap box…

  2. Suschna says:

    Lustig, ich experimentiere gerade mit einem Pulsmesser herum. Mein Ruhepuls ist ziemlich hoch, vielleicht weil sportliche Betätigung für mich Zeitverschwendung bedeutet. Was könnte ich in der Zeit alles anschauen und machen! Vielleicht ist der Puls aber ja auch nur so hoch, weil ich immer so schöne Sachen sehe, wie bei deinen Links. Beim Hiking findest du ja vielleicht ja auch etwas brauchbares….

  3. Bele says:

    Sticken während des Stehens und Gehens stelle ich mir schwierig vor… Stricken hingegen klappt! Nicht, dass ich es fuer schoene Spaziergaenge empfehle, aber enervierende Spielplatzbesuche und Trainigsbegleitungen etc. lassen sich dadurch viel besser gelassen ueberstehen.

    Schoenes Wochenende!

  4. Sia says:

    I wanted to try knitting socks when walking like they did in the 1800th century, tripped and fell into a ditch and almost stabbed myself. Do not recommend doing any craft when walking it is potentially more lethal than being a couch potato!

  5. kathrin says:

    Your comment made me laugh out loud. I didn’t know they knitted while walking in the 18th century and admire greatly that you wanted to give that a try, and did!

  6. kathrin says:

    Aw, danke schoen Suschna. Fuer mich bedeuted Sport auch Zeitverschwendung, es sei denn es ist ein schoener Spaziergang. Aber wenn es anstrengend wird, laufe ich sofort langsamer, “working out” ist es also nicht. Aber ich habe bemerkt, dass ich mit dem Pedometer automatisch mehr gehe, sozusagen fuer das kleine Instrument an meinem Guertel. Und das ist dann schon ein kleiner Erfolg, no?

  7. kathrin says:

    Ich nehm mir auch immer was Schoenes mit, wenn ich irgendwo warten muss. Waehrend alle anderen Eltern, Omas und Opas um mich herum auf ihre I-phones hacken, stricke ich oft ein paar Maschen oder lese ein altmodisches Buch mit Seiten.

  8. kathrin says:

    How wonderful, I’d love to play with her fabrics one day. Please please blog about it, no matter the outcome. It’s raining today and you’ll find me sitting on my couch….

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