Spring Break….

It’s spring break, Easter, Passover and we’ll be celebrating with family on the East Coast. Later in the car, we’ll be singing with Pete Seeger.  I’ll be stitching more petals (although I’m still debating if the light thread is right…) and sit patiently with stiff legs while the road stretches endlessly in front and behind us. The Boston area has great museums and galleries, so stay tuned for some art and travel posts.

What I also wanted to say before packing my last bag:

Thanks so much for being here!

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  1. Mary H says:

    Hope you have a fine spring break and thank you for being here, too.I always look forward to checking your blog as you have so many interesting ideas and projects to share.

  2. Bele says:

    Concerning the light thread: What kind of material is it? You could still take India’s advice and dye over it. Could be interesting, if the different materials take on color differently.
    Wishing you a good time! And thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  3. Katie says:

    Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy the holiday!

  4. Thank YOU for being there for us. Nice to have a road trip with a sewing project on board. I think the light thread is a great thread to start with. You can fill in with other colors and beads for more depth.
    Have a great trip. Hope you can ride in a swan boat in Boston Common.

  5. I wish you were my next door neighbor : [

  6. kathrin says:

    That would be great, then we could borrow flour and sugar from each other. And thread!

  7. kathrin says:

    It’s button hole thread, cotton with a polyester core. Not sure how it would dye. I’m still early in the process and might start all over again… But the over-dying would be interesting, too.

  8. kathrin says:

    Took the swan boat last year with my daughter. I’m usually not big on enjoying the touristy thing, but this one is actually very nice. Have a nice weekend!

  9. kathrin says:

    Thanks Katie and the same for you!

  10. kathrin says:

    Thanks Mary. Have a great weekend yourself.

  11. krisha says:

    Hey stumbled on to you blog via Fraiiling, I really like it. Love the petals!!!
    We enjoy Pete Seeger a lot to but never miss an opportunity to play Willi Nelsons on the road again when on a car trip.
    I will be back here soon i think, do come over to http://recyclingmama.squarespace.com if you have the time. I am new to blogging, but started because the sharing and community aspect of it seems very attractive to me.
    Have a nice spring break!

  12. christine says:

    Hello, I’ve just discovered your blog and have been looking through all your posts and feeling really inspired. thankyou. I love Alabama Chanin’s stitchery, I have the first two books and now desparately want the third after reading your post on it! Christine x

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