Elfi Cella

Isn’t it clever how this artist¬† incorporates clothes into her painting?

Elfi Cella is a Swiss based painter, who paints miniatures and mixes paint and textiles in a wonderfully innovative way. Now that’s what I call fabric manipulation.

Not sure if this is printed or painted, but it’s very much alive and intriguing. To me it’s like catching a glimpse of an emotional storm .
She has a blog in French, but I haven’t found much more of her work on the web.

Aren’t her pieces spectacular?

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4 Responses to “Elfi Cella”

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  1. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for sharing, beautiful and inspiring!

  2. maya says:

    yes, utterly spectacular. her work takes my breath away.

  3. Evi says:

    Wow, truly awesome! I am always amazed at the imagination of people……. I mean who would have thought of doing that? And it all hangs together so well – beautiful, haunting and ethereal is my interpretation.
    Thanks for sharing this, Kathrin!

  4. velma says:

    very evocative work…thanks for showing this.

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