Junko Oki: Woky Shoten

One of my favorite stitchers. Ever. I love how she uses the thread to draw; and how loose and improvised her work feels.

This must be a photograph of a page from one of her self-published booklets. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to purchase with no knowledge of Japanese. If you know how, would you please let me know?

For more of her incredible embroidery, visit her blog:

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I found this photo a few days back from a japanese website but couldn’t find who the artist was or any other info. So glad you know who it is! Love her work!

  2. Colin says:

    >This must be a photograph of a page from one of her self-published booklets. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to purchase with no knowledge of Japanese. If you know how, would you please let me know?

    I can read Japanese, and did a little looking. It appears she mostly sells her work at exhibitions held at local bookshops, with very little online sales presence.

    I did find one online source for a 96 page hardcover book she did collecting some of her work.

    The purchase interface is entirely in Japanese, and in any case a lot of these bookstores aren’t set up to handle foreign credit cards or ship to foreign addresses.

    Your best bet is probably to e-mail the store in very simple English asking for help. Explain where you live, what you want to buy, and how you could pay for it (credit card, international money order, etc.). They’ll either help, or apologize for not being able to help. If you want to try it the e-mail is order@keibunsha-books.com

    In any case, best of luck!

  3. chanelke says:

    Very beautiful work

  4. kathrin says:

    Thanks so much, Colin – how nice of you to look this up. I’ll send Keibunsha an email and find out. I’d just love to see more of her work!

  5. SOLO says:

    The answer seem to be in her blog : “Thank you for access to my blog .
    Please contact me about my book and works → mmtukj@nifty.com”
    I can ask a japanese friend of mine or I can ask the japanese bookstore of my town (Paris, France) if you want…
    Love from Paris (and so much thanks for your creative stimulation and creative sharing !)

  6. kathrin says:

    Oh my, that wasn’t very clever. It totally slipped. I’ll contact her and see if she can send it to the States. Otherwise I take you up on the offer to look in Paris. Thanks so much!

  7. k says:

    Thanks for introducing me to her work – amazing stitchery and texture.

  8. Kathryn says:

    My brother in law who is fluent in japanese arrives in two weeks and I’ll be sure to have him give me any info and forward it onto you. Some of the most amazing work out there, no?!

  9. kathrin says:

    Oh yes, her work is breathtaking. “Solo” commented that there was an email address on her blog and I will contact her. I would love to look through her self-published books over and over again. She has (and you do too!) this very soulful way with fabric and thread!

  10. Momo says:

    I hope you have already got the book. If not, please contact with me. Junko Oki is my sister and she is surely very happy to know you.

  11. kathrin says:

    Hello Momo,
    Just tried to email you, but the email could not be delivered. I also sent an email to your sister at: mmtukj@nifty.com, which I finally found on her website. Thanks so much for helping out!

  12. Momo says:

    I’m sorry that I sent the wrong address. But I ‘m very happy to know that you are still interested in Junko’s book. We talked about you on the phone and she is looking for the way to send the money. Originally she made the special version of the book which has the original small embroidery . But they are all sold out. She wrote a poem for the book and my husband translated it into English , so I will send it with the book.
    Her books are sold at the National Art Museum in Tokyo but they don’t have the internet shop.

  13. kathrin says:

    Hi Momo, I also contacted cow books, but shipping is 5400 Yen and that’s a lot I think. The special version of the book sounds wonderful and I can see, that they are all sold out. I would also love to blog about the book and if we can find a way to purchase, I’m sure there would be many people being interested in buying her book. I’m confident we’ll find a way.
    Thanks so much for you time!

  14. Momo says:

    OK , Cow Books is a good book store but you have to pay much more. I`ll check the usual package and let you know. Now we are having holidays in Japan( we call it ‘golden week’) and I`ll go to our summer cottage and stay there for a week. It`s a bit difficult to use the Internet from tomorrow ,so I`ll send a mail next week. Thank you very much for finding a way to purchase.

  15. kathrin says:

    Thanks Momo, we’ll talk next week. Have a great week at your summer cottage!

  16. Betsy says:

    Would Junko consider selling her books through a store like etsy? I too would love to buy a copy.
    Western Australia

  17. Momo says:

    Thanks, Kathrin,
    How do you do, Betsy,

    I came back from my summer cottage and there I enjoyed seeiing the early spring wild flowers, beautiful pheasants and Japanese gazelles( I don’t know how to say in English).
    Finally we are able to find the easiest way to send the book to USA and Australia. First Junko will send the pay pal form ( please let her know your e-mail address, Betsy). When she confirms the money, she will send the book.
    Please let her know how to send the book. If she sends the book by EMS( that includes the insurance), the charge will be 1200yen. If she sends it by book parcel post (that doesn’t include the insurance ) , it will be 510yen. The book itself is 2000yen and the pay pal costs 280 yen. So if you choose EMS ,3480yen. And for the usual book parcel, altogether 2790 yen.
    It isn’t through the store, so it is less expensive, I’m sure.

    Junko is now working for embroidery and tin and making accessories. Please look at wokyshoten blog.

  18. kathrin says:

    Wonderful Momo, thank you and Junko so much. I already saw her beautiful necklaces online and I love them.
    Regarding the book, please go ahead and send me the paypal form. I will go with the EMS, so the invoice would be 3480yen. I am so happy that you figured this out. (I even asked my mom in Germany, but it was 60Euros just for the money transfer…)
    As soon as you send the paypal form, I’ll send the money and will wait for the book. (I’ll send a separate email with my address.)
    Thank you so so much.
    With warm regards,

  19. karen b says:

    Thank you for your amazing and inspiring posts and for introducing the work of Junko Oki. How I would love to have one of her books!! Did you receive your book yet??

  20. kathrin says:

    No I haven’t, but it’s on its way. I’ll let you know. I’m thinking of asking her if she would “formally” announce to send it to the US or elsewhere. From what I’m seeing there’s a lot of interest in her amazing work.

  21. karen b says:

    That would be wonderful….I am definitely interested and would make a purchase!!

  22. kathrin says:

    Hi Karen, just received the book and it’s absolutely wonderful. I sent her sister Momo a note asking what the easiest procedure would be to send her book to the US (Momo is translating for Junko). I’ll blog about the book tomorrow, so you can see a few images…

  23. kathrin says:

    Just received it and it’s wonderful. I’ll blog about it tomorrow and I sent an email to Junko’s sister (she translates for Junko) to ask what the easiest procedure would be.

  24. kathrin says:

    Just received it and it’s wonderful. I’ll blog about it tomorrow and I sent an email to Junko’s sister (she translates for Junko) to ask what the easiest procedure would be.

  25. renee says:

    Junko Oki love her work and wish we could get her book, thanx so much for us too feel the glee in seeing her work thank you junko oki renee

  26. india says:

    thank you for showing this wonderful work here

  27. Di Bunniss says:

    My friend has emailed Junko through her web site and we now have copies of her book ! it is quite small but fascinating, and cost about £20. My friend used paypal . If you got to Junko’s web site you should be able to email her.

  28. lefthttps://www.facebook.com/MisterFinchTextileArt/photos/a.116679208507137.21363.116181915223533/342149612626761/?type=1&theater

    I would like to know how to purchase Junko Oki’s book cover as shown in the link above? I can not find a specific link to this book cover.
    Thank you.


  29. Mara says:

    I also would like to purchase a book by Junko Oki. If this is possible please answer here and in direct email. Thank you!

  30. Mara says:

    PS My email to her via her website bounced and was not delivered.


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