Concluding Downton Abbey: Maids and Mystery Food

One thing is for sure. If I ever watch Downton Abbey season 2, I’ll brew a large thermos of strong coffee, pack some snacks, close the door behind me and watch the entire series in one sitting. That way, I’ll be immersed for only one day instead of an entire week.

You would probably think that Downton Abbey influenced the above outfit. True; but only partially so, because it’s also one of my more common winter outfits when I’m tired of  “lounge-wear”.

Don’t I look a bit like a maid having a day off? Well, maybe not a maid working at Downton Abbey, but rather a smaller mansion with more humble means.

My underskirt is a simple hand-sewn t-shirt skirt with a big ruffle. I wear this one often in winter under my other skirts, when a single layer jersey isn’t warm enough. Surprisingly, 2 or 3 layers of t-shirt skirts are pretty cozy.

The boots are my beloved ancient thrifted Campers and the hand-warmers are made from thrifted t-shirts as well. The wool jacket is so old that it’s “Made in Italy”. Comfort is king of course, so the entire outfit stretches in all directions – a lovely improvement from the early 1900s when most women were wearing corsets.

I’m also experimenting with new recipes. Yesterday, I cooked a dish that looks exactly like pulled pork, but I don’t eat meat and it is not tofu.

What does it look like to you? Take a guess. Curious….am I the only one who didn’t know about this dish?

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13 Responses to “Concluding Downton Abbey: Maids and Mystery Food”

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  1. chppie says:

    My two guesses are that it’s either a dairy product like a kneaded cheese that will flake or some form of wheat gluten. You really stumped me on this. My first thought was fish but if you don’t eat meat you might not eat fish either.

    Can’t wait to find out!

    Thanks for returning to the blog. I always enjoy the inspiration.

  2. Mary H says:

    I don’t have an idea about your mystery food, but it looks tasty. I l ike the way your hand warmers turned out and especially the way they are a light and dark reverse of the design on your skirt.

  3. stefanie says:

    i think it’s cheese. but it really looks like chicken meat oder something like that. and: it looks tasty!

  4. kathrin says:

    Not cheese, not dairy, not fish….

  5. Michele says:

    That outfit is simply smashing! I adore it!! And your fingerless gloves are gorgeous! You are quite the artist!

    As for that delicious looking meal, I’m going to hazard a guess at either Quorn (meat replacement made from fungus) or shredded, textured soybean protein. I’m anxious to find out what it is, as it looks delicious!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. frifris says:

    Haha, and you best wear a “ForeverLazy suit” while watching the second series (that clip really made me laugh, quite hard to believe it is not a parody).
    Love your outfit, and my guess at the food would be some sort of mushroom?

  7. Mirjam says:

    Could it be seitan? Did you make it from scratch or buy it?

    Love your Alabama style mittens. Yes, it takes time, but totally worth it.

  8. Evi says:

    Hmm, fungus? Or is it a sweet fruity dish? Some exotic fruit from a faraway land only known to local inhabitants and brought to you by an intrepid adventurer …..? Sorry, my imagination got the better of me!!

  9. chanelke says:

    I love the way you are dressing, it fits perfectly. About the food no idea. Is it vegetables?

  10. anna bello says:

    bellissimo e paziente lavoro.
    Il cibo è seitan?

  11. Katie says:

    I just discovered that you’re blogging again! I’m rather excited!

    Also, I am rather enthralled/in love with Downton Abbey. I just watched the most recent episode and wish it hadn’t ended. They do suspense rather well.

  12. Elly says:

    Just found you through Pinterest and have been browsing around your blog having great fun. I love Downton Abbey too. Can’t wait until September for season 3.

    That food looks like Jack Fruit to me. Right?

  13. kathrin says:

    Thanks so much! I haven’t even watched season 2 yet.

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