Paper Stars

Ready for some more paper stars. A few days ago, I saw this pretty garland in the TOAST catalog (top left) and thought, “hey I can probably make those, that looks easy…”. And guess what… it is (top right). As ever, the web provides.  All you need is paper, scissors and a pencil. Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting, offers a wonderful tutorial including a template.

I didn’t have the Indian paper used by TOAST, but my box full of vintage music sheets, made a great substitution:

I made them with all kinds of paper to use for gift wrapping, garlands and decorations:

And as with all things small and humble, they look best in a cluster. Have fun making lots of stars.
Glad you’re here.

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  1. grace_lopensino says:

    Gracias Annekata! Que bueno es volver a recibirte en mi correo! Excelentes tus trabajos, como siempre

    Thnak you Annekata! Good indeed to recibe you again in my e-mail box! Excellent your works, as always.

    Grace, Buenos Aires

  2. pikulabags says:

    Hi! Your blog looks great and you sure chose a great name for it! I am already subscribed to it and can’t wait for new posts. Also, great stars…I’m off to find some good looking paper!

  3. VickiWaineo says:

    I’m so excited that you’re back! yay! and love the stars. I’ve been playing with paper stars for 3 days and wasn’t satisfied (for a group project next week – I’m not usually this obsessive about paper stars. Ha!), but these look like they’ll be PERFECT! Thank you!

  4. DebbiePhillips1 says:

    Was just thinking of you the other day and wondering if you would write again. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your projects.

  5. Kathrin, what joyful news! You are an inspiration to many (me included), and I’m so excited that you are blogging again. Just today I was brainstorming some paper ornament ideas. As always, I love what you came up with!

  6. liberal sprinkles says:

    Welcome back!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  7. jessyvingerhoets says:

    it’s great that you are back! and the stars are beautiful, a perfect christmas decoration for in my house and for my handmade gifts :-)

  8. annekata says:

    Oh Cathy, thanks so much. Saw the beautiful floors you made for the Prana Store. Absolutely fantastic! @Cathy McMurray

  9. Suschna says:

    You made my second Advent! So glad you are back.

    Für die Balance zwischen Ansporn, kreativ zu sein und Stress, etwas bloggen zu müssen drücke ich die Daumen.

    Your stars are perfect! I tried them following the tutorial and ended up with a crumbled thing. Humble stars maybe, but not easy to make. I will try again, because the cluster really looks beautiful.

    Thank you for coming back!

  10. annekata says:

    Suschna, ich bin selbst mal gespannt, wie der zweite Anlauf wird. Reg. the stars: I ended up with many crumbled things, too, which always happened when I “collapsed” the star. The trick is to press down toward the center and rotate at the same time and hope the little pentagon will somehow emerge. I made quite a few and they are really quick to make, once the “collapsing” is figured out. @Suschna

  11. aliatveryberry says:

    I am so pleased that you have returned… I have missed your posts and inspiration an awful lot over the last few months. The stars a beautiful, I hope I get time to have a go at making them before Christmas 2012!

  12. Rachel says:

    Thankyou so much for the stars… I didn’t have any Indian paper so I made 40 with the pages of last years Toast Home catalogue!!! Love them they look fab!! I ordered the Xmas crackers from this years catalogue though!! Thankyou again x

  13. Théa says:

    I discovered thanks to your AC outfit, and I love it so much ! I like the way you experiment, look at things, and your creations.
    Glad to have come here !

  14. Sassa says:

    Hei, I love these paper stars here, but I can’t find any tutorial for these, plase could you help me`.


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