Summer is here: Vardos, Roulottes and Caravans….

Fresh from my daughter’s Wizard of Oz performance, I’ve been thinking about the definition of “home”. What defines our experience of home. Is it a place? Friends? Or a feeling? I find the idea of bringing home wherever, you are intriguing. Living in a big house now, I’m really missing the mobility of no place or, at least, a smaller place.Don’t these gypsy caravans look as if Professor Marvel could use one of these to travel and see the crowned heads of Europe?

They’re called vardos or roulottes. Although I’m not much of a camper (I leave those bug ridden experiences to my husband and daughter, while enjoying a hot shower instead…), these look so inviting, that I would certainly take the leap and try one of these myself. During the day I would sit on the wicker chair with a great book and at night, there would be candles, quiet and fireflies.

The people at Les Verdines build and sell reproductions of antique roulottes. They’re probably far too expensive to purchase, but in Provence, you can rent the one below for 70 Euros a night. What a romantic idea for a summer escape.

It’s the last day of spring, we have 3 more days of school and I’m dreaming of my own little “roulotte”.

Has anyone had an experience with these?

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  1. Charissa says:

    Ooh, ooh! These are just like what Danny and his father live in in the Roald Dahl book Danny the Champion of the World. The book was one of my childhood favorites but I've never hunted down pictures of the real thing – so cool! The last picture makes them look quite cozy.

  2. Anairam says:

    Very idyllic! But I am consumed with doubts about the realities of such living quarters – what are the loo facilities (my #1 worry); how will I keep clean (I need my daily hot shower!); how long can I keep food fresh without a fridge, etc. etc. I have become much too settled in my ways to change now. But I can absolutely see "un petit roulotte" parked in my back yard – where I can escape to with a glass of wine and a good book!

  3. veryberryhandmade says:

    I was reading in Country Living(?)recently about the trend for restoring and buying restored Shepherd's Huts for the garden – very pretty, but I bet the shepherd's would laugh! We are just back from a rather windy and rainy camping trip, but our tent took the strain, and we had very hot showers..! In don't know if it's trendy like it is in the UK to go glamping? There's all sorts of yurts, tipis, bell tents, safari tents etc., you can hire to holiday in…

  4. editor of that blog says:

    Home is definitely wherever I am. Right now that's the UK.

  5. Judie says:

    These caravans are so much more charming than the average recreational vehicle. I haven't lived in one but I have a friend who lived in a tiny modern RV with his pet dog for 2 years! With the caravans, I like the idea of being so contained. I once could fit everything I owned into my car but these days – I'm overflowing with stuff. I need to downsize! Good post, got me thinking.

  6. Conny's Cottage says:

    that is so great!

    hugs Conny

  7. Wendy Bond says:

    My ancestors were Romany Gypsies, so these really touch my heart.

  8. Terry says:

    I find this old post very interesting, Les Verdines and their book Les Temps De Roulottes inspired me so much that I built my own Roulotte, and being a lover of normal caravan life I fitted it out to suit… You can see it at
    It’s nice to see other people charmed by these old wagons…

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