Talented Stitchers

While my family is visiting, there’s no time to stitch or work on any creative endeavors. But that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of inspiring thoughts and images.
Here are a few of my favorite stitchers. There are many more, of course, but to appreciate each of them individually, I thought to limit myself to these four. Think of a big museum vs a small gallery. I love going to the MoMa, but am often overwhelmed by the creativity, people and artwork. Small galleries often show less, but invite the discovery of new artists. Hope you find one or two here you hadn’t heard of before:
The embroidery above and right below is by Christine Mauersberger, who writes an inspiring blog and has a phenomenal flickr:
Scottish embroiderer Susie Cowie stitched the famous pillow that Fanny Brawne makes for John Keats in the movie “Bright Star”:
See more of her work on her website.
Morna Crites Moore is a prolific artist from the US, whose layered work is breathtaking:
More of her work on flickr and her blog.
Last, but not least here’s Dorothy Caldwell from Canada:

See some of her 2003 exhibit in the Textile Museum of Canada here.

Looking through these is really inspiring me to thread a needle and get back to work…..

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  1. Monica says:

    beautiful! thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Mireille says:

    Oh Annekata, it's just amazing! thanks for sharing that… I especially love love Susie Cowie!

  3. Helmi says:

    Wow, this is beautiful ART !!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Claire says:


  5. Linda Thiltgen says:

    simply lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  6. dawnrogal says:

    ooo, wonderful. Thanks for all the links – off to explore them now.

  7. Rowena says:


  8. Wow – Quite a shock to the system to find my work included with these others whom I admire so. Thank you for this high compliment.

    I have just recently found your blog and I am enjoying exploring it and your work, as well.


  9. kathrin says:

    Hi Morna, your work is so beautiful and you’re are clearly in the right company!!

  10. I just came across your post today. I am humbled and appreciate that you shared my work on your blog.

  11. kathrin says:

    Thanks so much Christine, your work is breathtaking! I should’ve asked to use your images, my apologies for that and I’m glad, you feel that it was ok to use them. I really love your art work!

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