An Artist’s Dacha and a Tiny Porch

The Russian House
There are many interiors to love in the book “Russian House” by Ella Krasner, found through enhabiten, with the humble country dachas being my personal favorites:

The Russian House

The Russian House

The Russian House

The Russian House

The Russian House

This dacha above is very much my ideal of the perfect summer house: simple, improvised, soulful, and of humble beauty.  Just the kind of place to spend a nice Memorial Day weekend daydreaming.

Instead, you’ll find me on my tiny porch below, reading magazines and sipping tea…the next best thing.

My Porch
Enjoy your weekend!
Ella Krasner
ISBN-10: 1902686462
ISBN-13: 978-1902686462
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  1. We Blog Artists says:

    Europe oh Europe…how I miss thee…when I pictures as these.
    They also remind me of Karl Larson's illustrations.

  2. Shelley Noble says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous! I share your fascination with this style.

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