They Draw and Cook and I Eat Out

What is the next best thing to do when you can’t cook, but love food? Reading a cookbook of course. This is what I discovered: They Draw & Cook, a wonderful website for food aficionados found through A Billion Tastes and Tunes. Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell are a brother and sister design and illustration team who came up with the brilliant idea to create a food website with recipes drawn by artists from around the world.

The site features wonderful recipes which can be sorted by country, ingredients, meal type and illustration style.

Love the vintage feeling of the old botanical illustrations of the Butternut Squash Soup below:

It seems that there won’t be many nice dinners cooked in my kitchen anytime soon. It turned out the wood floor was not as great as we had hoped for. Sniff. Thanks for your concern regarding asbestos. The “stuff” was tested at a lab and was OK.

If we have to cover it, we’ll use some of the wood rescued from an old cottage, that we discovered at a salvage center. Pulling up the floor will be done soon and I’ll show you the room, once it’s finished. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you further with old kitchen floor images. But frankly, there is not much time to do anything else.

Salvaged Wood

To make you  instantly feel better about your kitchen and/or life in general, just look at where we’re having our take-out meals these days:

 Kitchen Mess

Of course, now that we’re doing the floors, I also want to repaint our yellowish walls. The color glows beautifully when the sun shines, otherwise it looks a bit too beige. I actually mixed the paint myself; eco paint and pigments bought from Earth Pigments. Although I love the idea of mixing my own paint and it works well in other rooms of my house, using pigments is messy and time consuming work.

I love any color by Farrow and Ball, but at $100 per gallon, it’s a bit overwhelming and not in our budget. Doubt I can get anything close to that with the earth pigments. But then, necessity is the mother of invention.

Hope your week started a little less messy than mine.

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  1. Strikkelise says:

    Oh poo. Good luck with the rest of the kitchen project! The room still looks beautiful, though, with those high walls and the wonderful windows! I bet you get a great feeling of the changing seasons in that kitchen.
    I see you have an illustration there by someone from my hometown, and also a Norwegian children's chair! (Tripp Trapp) They are the best. Both my kids have one. I was born too early to have one myself, but my younger sister had a red one, back in the day.

  2. henzy says:

    The illustrations are great… so lovely. The make you want to cook good food. Renovating is never easy and always takes so much longer than you expected. But soon it'll be done and you'll be sitting in your beautiful new kitchen looking back at this time and smile.

  3. Conny's Cottage says:

    wat a fantastik illustration…

    greatings sendt you Conny

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