Parisian Asphalt, Electrical Tape and Dandelions

Juliana Santacruz Herrera found a fabulous way to deal with potholes in Paris. Not only would our winter battered streets in our town benefit tremendously from some colorful “repairs” of it’s many holes, but so would my kitchen floor.
See, even Parisian potholes are stylish. I’ve seen projects with crochet or knitting covering lampposts, but never filling the holes in pavement that we take for granted.  Even the most mundane features of our environment can be the trigger for inspiration.
Scottish artist Jim Lambie has an another interesting idea for floor coverings using electrical tape to create geometric patterns.
A little too psychedelic for my old Victorian, but nevertheless an innovative use for electrical tape. If I had a garage, I’d think about it.
My floor can neither be taped nor painted (see image below). We’ve dug up an interesting mess of plaster, wood and more linoleum. But still, I do enjoy seeing the “bones” of my house. It’s less scary to be confronted and dealing with mess, than not knowing and adding to the problem.
The only thing on my mind for the last few days is that (damn) floor. But yesterday I needed a break. I’ve been having this vision of fabric and yarn flowers growing out of the gaps. And believe me, there are many.  Here’s a sneak peak….

They definitely add some humor to the mess.  Leaves and more flowers are in progress. I’ve wanted to make flower brooches for quite some time and this is a good way to start.

Clearly, dandelions can grow anywhere, even on my floor.
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  1. Kiki B. says:

    Wow, talk about huge doses of inspiration! This goes along perfectly with a series of photographs I'm working on. Thanks!

  2. Michelle York says:

    Enjoy your well-deserved break. I will miss your lovely blog. See you on your return. Come back with lots of wonderfulness! Pictures please.

  3. PEACHES says:

    Only in Paris! I have been spotting a number of urban yarn projects lately…they keep getting better :)

    I think you should keep those dandelions just as they are. What cheerful little things.

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