Needle Flowers and Clouds to Knit

Needle Flowers
Over the weekend I experimented a bit more with tatting and this is the outcome: spring flowers. Not a major creative achievement, but nevertheless fast and easy to make, perfect for gift decorations, jewelry components or hair pins.

Needle Flowers Gift Decorations

All that’s needed is a tapestry needle, yarn or string and a pair of scissors.
Needle Flower Instructions Part 1

The first knot is a half hitch knot and if they are spaced apart, they form loops or flower petals.

Needle Flower Instructions Part 2
Make 10 or 12 loops, depending on the yarn and flower size. The pull the yarn carefully through the loops and close to form a circle. Tie and you’re done.
Needle Flower Instructions Part 3
The yarn used was quite stiff and the flowers hold their shape well. If your flowers are limp, don’t worry there’s always starch.

Sometimes moving pictures make it easier to learn, especially a movement related technique like tatting. I watched this video by TotusMel to learn how to make the knots.

The hint of warmer weather inspires wispy things; time to bring out that cotton linen yarn bought long ago from a thrift shop and begin a summer scarf. I usually don’t like multi colored yarns, but this one is wonderful. It’s like having a bit of a cloud in my hand.
Spring Knitting
Summer Scarf in Progress

The needles are too large for the yarn, but using them creates an airy and light weight texture.

If you would like to share a fun project you’re working on, send a link in the comments, I’d love to see what you’re up to.

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17 Responses to “Needle Flowers and Clouds to Knit”

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  1. Juanita Tortilla says:

    Oh I adore airy knits. That scarf is going to be gorgeous, I know it!

  2. The Mom and The Sisters says:

    We are ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing the tatting as we eat our breakfast. I love it when my daughters and I agree on a project!

    My Grandmother tatted all sorts of table runners, doilies and hats. I inherited a few when she died -perhaps it is my turn to learn.

    What kind of yarn is that for the flowers?

  3. Michelle York says:

    To sew on skirts, hats, etc? They're lovely..can't wait to try.

  4. annekata says:

    @Mom and The Sisters: I used wool for the flowers in the second image. All others were made from linen yarn that feels a bit wiry and stiff. Almost like string. I started playing with packaging string, but that needs more work. Hope this helps?

  5. Donna says:

    Thanks for the tutorial – I love what you've done.

  6. JULITA says:

    Uma maravilha de tutorial. Um grande abraço! Adoro o blog.

  7. emilysmithpearce says:

    Lovely. I especially like the thrifted-yarn knitting. I love finds like that. I am currently working on self-dyed patchwork, t-shirt hats, and some clothes for me. Here's my latest finished patchwork:

  8. elise says:

    Delicate and beautiful, looks like spun sugar. Thank you for the tutorial,inspiration,and link.

  9. Vicki K. says:

    The flowers look whimsical and fairy-like. Thanks for the photos and the tatting link – this I will try!

  10. Lelia says:

    saw the post on craft gossip

    wonderful project – nice tutorial

  11. Bright Shadows says:

    I'm not much for anything sewing, but I may try this. It would be a great little necklace.

  12. Jessy says:

    thanks for the tutorial, i love the flowers!

  13. Fazendo Arte says:

    Adoro seu blog!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Would hemp work well for those flowers? I have a TON of hemp- white hemp, brown hemp, grayish hemp, black hemp- and need to get rid of it. Also have a crochet needle which is of no use to me since I'm a terrible crochetor and it is too big for spool knitting. The flowers look gorgeous and silvery. The yarn is also thin, which makes me THINK they would work for hemp. But maybe not.
    Love your blog!

  15. Beth says:

    Pretty knitting!

  16. alex says:

    may have to try this with some handspun lace yarn! a flower necklace would be so pretty!


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