Blues: Knitting With Sewing Thread

Knitting with Sewing Thread
Remember the wispy knitting? The scarf is finally done and I thought that it might be fun to experiment with some sewing thread. With the large assortment of colors available, making something in an exact shade is easy to do. Here, I’ve used two colors and blended them to create a seamless transition from color to the other.

Knitting with Sewing Thread

See how it goes from dark to light?  Only 6 spools – 3 for each color – were used for practice and it still worked. Next time I would use 5 spools of each color. Shading is simple. Just start with all the spools in one color and knit the desired length. Then replace one spool with another colored spool. Knit and then continue replacing one color spool with the next until the new color is predominent. Then reverse.
It takes a little practice to sew with fine thread because it gets tangled more easily and when a stitch slips they can be difficult to catch. On the other hand, this gauzy material is very forgiving…

Knitting with Sewing Thread
Here’s another swatch with button hole thread. The spools contain only 50 meters of thread each, so lots are required and it makes the knitting a bit more expensive. The image below shows the look using more spools of thicker buttonhole thread producing a tighter fabric:

Knitting with Sewing Thread
Any ideas for knitting with unusual materials?
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  1. suschna says:

    Very beautiful outcome! I have been crocheting with sewing thread, putting different shades together. To avoid tangling and to make one strand out of several, I twisted them together using the bobbing winding spindle of my sewing machine (I even put the machine sideways). Just a funny experiment.

  2. We Blog Artists says:

    WOW that's incredible!

  3. Shorty says:

    It looks beautiful! How does it feel… soft or crisp?

  4. Shelley Noble says:

    Love the blend transition. Well done. I'm a yarn transition blend person too. I've been interested in knitting with uber thin wire!

  5. boomie says:

    Gardening ropes? Strands of fabric?

  6. Mireille says:

    Great idea! And so beautiful, almost magical!

  7. Vicki K. says:

    I love the color blending!! Not too long ago I knit with some craft wire – you can get it in several colors. I knit baskets that could be shaped – some I made rounded and other were squared. It was fun to shape and mold but the wire is a bit hard on your fingers!

  8. annekata says:

    @suschna: Placing the machine sideways just made me smile. How inventive!
    @shorty: The blue knitting feels really soft as it is 100% cotton. The multi-colored one in the last image is a bit wiry, because the thread is cotton covered polyester.
    @boomie: I think fabric strands are next. I've been wanting to do that since some time, but have yet to find the "right" material.
    @Vicki: Love the idea to knit with wire and shape the outcome, but always thought it might be hard on the hands.

  9. SunShineyRain says:

    Just beautiful work, i love it.

  10. Anita says:

    How lovely. What size of needles are you using? I think the oddest "yarn" I've seen used has bee made of plastic shopping bags. They're cut and fused into continuous strips and used for bags, mats etc.

  11. Helmi says:

    Beautiful work!
    grt, Helmi

  12. Anairam says:

    Beautiful – what are you going to make with it? The most unusual knitting I've seen is knitting with fine wire – locally there is quite a bit of that – lovely handbags are made (although they rae not very praqctical) and I have a ring knitted with wire and beads.

  13. annekata says:

    @Anita: I used needle size 5, but you can really use any size.
    @Anairam: Not sure what I'm going to do with it. It was supposed to be a skinny scarf to wear over t-shirts in summer, but resembles more a necklace.

  14. Julia says:

    I've just recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying reading it so much.

    I love the wispy blue scarf – such a beautiful effect. I tend not to be very good at knitting so I shall just enjoy your work vicariously.

  15. Linda says:

    Lovely, lovely scarf. I've inherited some silk threads and am prepaared to risk their quality for something like this. But all those numbers, it sounds like school ….. if a reel of thread has fifty meters and you and you use six reels ……….. my brain curls into a corner and whimpers at me!

    So, in simple terms, regardless of colour graduation, how many spools total, pretty please?

  16. sarita says:

    this is fabulous! I don't knit, but crochet. I am currently working on a sweater using sewing thread…:) Lot of work, but very satisfying. I have also used rafia and even tried long grasses when we were out in the woods and I had nothing to hand! Challenging, but such fun! Good luck..xx

  17. MiniBinoy says:

    great idea!:)………….mini

  18. Rosie says:

    Lovely and wispy! And I'd imagine it to be cheaper than fine wool? I love the transition from light to dark… moody!
    I have knitted and crocheted with plasticky string, which was a bit hard opn the fingers too, but I crocheted a cool doggy-walking bag with pastel pink and green string/twine and have recently crocheted a couple of bangles with heavy-duty carpet string. (No idea what it's proper name is…)

  19. Liane says:

    lovely! i've been knitting thin string but this is taking it a big step further.

  20. Glana Ricci says:

    wonderful idea!!!!
    My idea is to knit with sisal.

  21. vanessa says:

    so delicate so beautiful :)

  22. frost says:

    Wow. Amazing idea! Need to try that one day!

  23. ana says:

    oh wow. amazing :) i just love the look of the blue one – almost sea foam like.

  24. ok, so just found this and you DO knit…see, wish we were besties and I’d meet you for that cup of coffee @ Starbucks and we could stitch January away…I just posted about your blog on CrushParty! Cuz I could honestly spend hours in hear!! NEW FAVORITE BLOG CRUSH!

  25. Maryse says:

    Bonjour, Je suis Française, je viens de découvrir ton blog; il est génial, je viens de passer des heures à regarder tout ce que tu fais et que tu partages si généreusement, je me suis permise de mettre quelques unes de tes créations sur mon facebook et netlog.Tu es formidable, je suis passionnée par le scrapbooking, principalement les cartes et je suis tombée par hasard sur ton blog, j’en vois beaucoup, mais, je crois que c’est la première fois que je vois un blog aussi riche.Je te fais pleins de gros bisous, et te remercie de nous faire découvrir autant de jolies choses.Maryse

  26. Amy says:

    Haha, it’s interesting to see that other people knit with thread too. I thought I was the only one. :) I really like the scarf idea too. I might try this or something similar.

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