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Gardening is not my thing, though I love flowers. Who doesn’t? I never developed much of a green thumb, because working in the garden seems overwhelming – here in the Northeast, specifically. When I rip out a weed, 3 more grow in its place as soon as I turn my back. The concept of “weeds” is strange to me; take dandelions for example. They’re pretty and make a nice salad, when used in spring. I wouldn’t consider them a weed. 
And then, there are bugs. Big bugs. American bugs. Honestly I’m a bit afraid of bugs, they always seem to hold the upper hand whenever we meet. The can often fly or sting or both. Unfortunately I can’t.
But then I saw these images of string gardens.
I believe they’re made in Holland; the website doesn’t tell, but has many exquisite images to look at. And while these plants are far from practical (think watering and weight), they are so unique that I’m thinking of making one over the weekend. Admittedly it feels strange, to have plants floating in space this way, probably because they are not connected to soil or to each other. But then potted plants aren’t either. It just perfectly reflects how we live in today’s world, where everybody is connected through their electronic devices and not directly with each other. Not sure, how I feel about that. On the other hand, there are potted plants and wild flowers. They don’t have to exclude each other. In short, I might give it a try.
Here are the instructions, on how to make a “Kokedama“, a planted moss ball, popular in Japan. There are also instructional images on the string garden website.
And if I have leftover time this weekend, I’ll be dreaming up new skirt projects and doodling.

Sewing Thread Decorations and mor skirt ideas

Sewing Thread Decorations

This was playing with crocheted button hole thread, secured with a running stitch to t-shirt fabric. It works up quickly and makes a nice raised surface. I tried to “write” with it, but it just looked messy. I wonder what I can do with this. Any ideas?

Have great weekend everybody.

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  1. Mim Smith Faro says:

    These are beautiful! Looking at the directions for the kokedama almost makes it seem doable.

  2. Atelier de Chiqui says:

    Lovely! :)

  3. Vicki K. says:

    This looks interesting – like a laid back (embroidered) chain stitch. I loved your writing idea – try writing bigger? If you wrote something along the hem of the whole skirt and it looked 'messy' – then it would look like an edge trim??

  4. Sharon says:

    lovely pictures…very un-doable here! and i have to comment i am with you on bugs…if there is one ANYWHERE around…it will find me, light on me, bite me and then i will go into the house…! amen. i think your cute stitch would be a great hem edging…maybe several rows of stitching going around the bottom of the skirt…all the same, or each row a different type stitch? and i love the flower you are working on…perfect…i MUST try making a skirt…

  5. annekata says:

    @Mim Smith Faro: I thought so, too. Making one looks quite doable and the ingredients shouldn't be hard to find.

    @Vicki: I was thinking this morning of making big fantasy doilies with white wool and stitching them onto linen (or any fabric for that matter). The idea of adding some writing along a skirt hem, however is much more interesting…

  6. Sue says:

    You could work crochet or needlelace petals into those foundation chains…

  7. veryberryhandmade says:

    The string garden is so beautiful, but I keep wondering about the mess when you try and water them… I am planning some vertical gardening this year, but it will be outside, and in a container!

  8. coscha says:

    beautiful idea, i'll do maybe a dress…

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