And the Winner is…..

Thank you all for leaving such wonderful and encouraging comments. With this kind of support, I should do one every week.

I’ll make a special package and send it to….

Amy Lear, who left these words in the comment section: “Wow. Thank YOU! You’ve absolutely inspired me to sew by hand. Since December, I’ve tailored a cardigan for me, some embroidery for my sister and fixed several pairs of my kids’ jeans. I especially appreciate the hand sewing how-to’s. Thanks!


(Hi Amy, please e-mail me your contact/mailing address.)

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3 Responses to “And the Winner is…..”

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  1. Vicki K. says:

    Lucky Amy!!

  2. Charissa says:

    Yes, I think every dedicated blogger could use a regular dose of encouragement! I didn't want to comment since I've already benefited from your generosity…but keep up the great work, Kathrin. It's a pleasure to follow your blog.

  3. suschna says:

    Ich lass auch immer lieber den anderen den Vortritt, aber wenn du einmal Lust auf einen kleinen Tausch hast, dann würde ich mich freuen.

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