Lockets – Because Everybody Should Have a Little Secret

A locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph or other small item such as a curl of hair.” says Wikipedia. 
To me, lockets are little treasure boxes for grown ups. They’re usually given at special occasions such as Valentines, Christmas and in the past, they were also given at funerals. As memories, I suppose.

In World War I and II, some American and British uniforms had buttons as miniature lockets, containing either space for photographs or tiny compasses. Now that’s a good idea. Picture a Google Earth micro chip placed in your locket…you’d never get lost again.

I got all dizzy, when looking for a locket of my own:  Some feature glass fronts to keep hair locks in, they’re round ones, heart shaped ones, filigree ones, you name it, it exists. The one above is a vintage copper locket purchased on Etsy and filled with one of my little ornamental doodles. The image of the girl was found in an antique shop. She was so joyous that I wanted to carry that smile with me for those occasional gloomy moments.

I’m planning to make one with a tiny garden inside to beat the winter blues, which I will show you once it happens. If you don’t feel crafty, tinyhappy from Australia makes beautiful embroidered linen pieces placed in copper lockets.

My favorite locket of all times is a leather locket from the 17th century, which was featured on florizel‘s blog.
The miniature is hand painted on copper and placed in the leather case.
Images (c) folkcollection.com
It’s beautiful and delicate, but as if that wasn’t enough, it comes with small transparent mica plates with different hair styles and clothes, so the lady can play dress up:

Layering  one of the micas on top, the lady looks like this:

Isn’t that brilliant? If it was for sale and if I had 2200 Euros, it would definitely be mine, mine, mine. But with so many ‘if’s’, it looks like I’ll continue to find them on Etsy and make my own little treasure boxes, which is (almost) equally satisfying.
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  1. Tara says:

    That leather locket is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the garden in a locket.

  2. Vicki K. says:

    I love lockets too – but I have never seen that change-the-look plates before. So charming!! Thanks for this post!

  3. Nicole MacP says:

    Wow! That locket is way too cool!

  4. Sherman Unkefer says:

    Cool lockets, my mom used to have one too.

  5. Susana Tavares says:

    the locket in wood is so wonderful!!!!
    love the embroidery to :)

  6. Mim Smith Faro says:

    Wow! Now I want a locket of my own.

  7. Monika says:

    Lockets are so cool.. I have an artist made one from undinejewellery from Etsy.


    I love the old ones, but I also absolutely adore hers. Love the fact that I can print out my own photos and insert and carry my loved ones right near my heart, and wear a beautiful piece of jewellery at the same time.

  8. Lucy in the Sky says:

    Das Anziehpuppen-Medaillon ist ja der Wahnsinn! Die Leute früher hatten schon auch Sinn für Humor. Überhaupt gehören Medaillons für mich zu den Dingen,die früher in alten Kindergeschichten vrogekommen sind – magisch und geheimnisvoll. Sowas wie Geheimschrift. Mit einem Spruch, oder einem Bild, und nur der Träger weiß, was darin ist und was es wirklich bedeutet. Wer das Ledermedaillon wohl getragen hat, und was für eine Bedeutung es wirklich hatte?
    viele Grüße!

  9. suschna says:

    Ich kann mich einreihen in die Medaillon-Begeisterten. In der Gemäldegalerien in Berlin gibt es einen Raum nur mit Portraitminiaturen (meist gemalt auf Elfenbein). Ich bin sogar mal extra (naja, etwas übertrieben) nach Paris gefahren, weil da einen Miniaturen-Ausstellung war und habe auch einen Katalog dazu. Schade, dass ich euch den nicht mal eben zeigen kann. (Im Metropolitain Museum war ich auch wegen der Portraitminiaturen, alles lange her). Zu allem Überfluss probiere ich in letzter Zeit mit gehäkelten Blumenmedaillons herum, bringe nur nichts zu Ende und habe auch gerade das Gefühl, mit meinen komischen Idee allein zu sein. Daher würde ich mich, um mich zu beflügeln, deiner Gartenidee gern anschließen und – auf meine Weise – ein Gartenmedaillon herstellen. Danke für deinen Beitrag!

  10. meisje van vervlogen dagen says:

    For years I'm wearing an antique silver locker with tiny little pearls on it. I haven't looked on the inside for quite a while. Your post made me do that again and I had to smile when I saw the toddlerface of my now teenager!

  11. William Bopp says:

    If the box with overlays is for sale, I would appreciate the offer. Thank you. Cheers.

  12. kathrin says:

    Hi, I don’t own the box and was just referring to it in my post.

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