First attempts of Garden and Weed Embroideries

Weed Embroideries
And while it’s still snowing this morning, I’m dreaming of flowers and gardens. The locket garden turned out to be a weed garden, not the “Secret Garden” I had envisioned. The little patch of green in the locket was done with silk sewing thread and back stitched. Every other stitch was left a loop and cut open. The result is a fuzzy patch and quite useful for stitching dandelions:

Dandelion Embroidery
All of these stitch doodles were an experiment and I’m not happy with the result, except the dandelion above. Below is another one which turned out too big for the locket. It seems dandelions take over wherever they can. I made a frame using chain stitch, so it might still be worn as a brooch.

Dandelion Embroideries
And last but not least I thought it’ll be fun to have a locket with a watch. A stationary watch set for 4 o’clock to remind me of tea time. My very own slow design pocket watch necklace. The execution is poor (I forgot my roman numerals), but the idea could be explored further, yes?

5 O'clock Tea Locket
Don’t forget to make some time for tea (or coffee) today and have a good weekend!
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11 Responses to “First attempts of Garden and Weed Embroideries”

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh I love the locket with the garden:-) what a beautiful idea!

  2. Susanne says:

    I love all of it, beautiful!!!! And unique.

  3. Vicki K. says:

    These are really quite adorable. Are the locket sized ones interchangeable – with a temporary adhesive? I particularly noticed your nicely stitched dandelion leaves – so smooth!

  4. Jannette says:

    What a lovely idea, using those old lockets. I like the 4 o'clock stitching, and the dandelions! (and the weeds, too..!)

  5. Tara says:

    The dandelions are absolutely beautiful.. So fluffy! I like the idea of the stationary watch and I am just about to sit down with a mug of tea. Have a great weekend!

  6. Shelley Noble says:

    Ack! There's something terribly exciting to me about a watch being embroidered. Something to do with the abstraction of time's relative pace! Stealing!

  7. Anna-Karin Hallström says:

    LOL LOVE the watch. Love love love. I would of course set it for 5pm. (Cocktail hour ;)

    And the dandelions are just too cute. :)

  8. suschna says:

    Wirst du die Garten-Idee noch weiter verfolgen? Für das Locket (wie hieße das nun eigentlich auf Deutsch? Medaillon?) auswechselbare Inhalte zu machen ist doch ein guter Plan. Die Stickerei könnte man kleiner und feiner probieren, das Gras kürzer, etc. Oder man macht etwas, das ganz wild herausspringt. Dann fällt mit noch diese Rug-Hooking-Technick ein, die ist auch gut geeignet für geheime Gärten.

  9. ShabbyChicShaz says:

    what lovely, sweet little embroideries :)

  10. Maite - vitoma says:


  11. smallscalesewing says:

    These are seriously sweet! I love!

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