Almost Back Home

Vintage Svaroski Beads from Berlin
Almost home. We flew over Iceland yesterday and even though there was just a brief lay-over, this is a country I’d love to visit in the future. With its magic light, friendly people, blue glaciers and black lava fields. The island has the feel of quiet and solitude and seems perfect for a get-away.
After a long flight, I’m back in the States, although not quite home yet until next week. I like my travels slow, just like sewing. It makes the transition easier. 
My thoughts are still in Europe. To remind me of a marvelous time, I am carrying home some odds and ends, amongst them beautiful vintage Czech glass beads bought at a quaint little store in Berlin, with an elderly woman stringing the tiniest beads I’ve ever seen. Czech glass beads were always favorites of mine, but these in particular will remind me of Berlin, of the ice and snow and winter glitter. As you can see, I also brought back lots of green ones, hoping for an early spring.
I’ve started experimenting and show you the outcome early next week, once my suitcases are unpacked! 
Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. Annie xx TheFeltFairy says:

    A lovely mix of greens, they look so good together! Best wishes for the New Year x

  2. Sohma G. says:

    i've been making beaded bobby pins as well! it's so much fun. would love to see how you approach it.

  3. Aiyeshah says:

    These Czech glass beads are lovely.I'd buy tons of them. Happy 2011 too!!!! :)

  4. woman with wings says:

    What a journey — loved your photos of Berlin. It seems so familiar to me, have never been there so suppose it's more on a cellular memory basis! Thank you.

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