Tutorial: The Very Easy Petal Scarf

T-Shirt Petal Scarf
Here’s another version of a petal scarf made from t-shirt fabric featuring two different colors. A petal scarf can have a different look based on the material used and the way it’s worn. It’s versatile and fun to play with.

Petal Scarf Black Wool
Here’s how to make your own. This tutorial uses two colored t-shirts. If you are a beginner sewer, I recommend making one with a single layer and medium thick fabric like felted (or boiled) wool. The technique is exactly the same regardless of what you use.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 1

- fabric (wool, t-shirt, tightly woven cotton or linen)
- fabric chalk or marker
- scissors
- pins
- needle
- thread (buttonhole/craft thread)

How To

Tutorial Petal Scarf 2
Place the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together. I used two dismembered t-shirts. Draw many circles approx. 2 inches wide. The more the merrier. I like mine somewhat irregular, so I draw them by hand. Maya posted an excellent time saving method on how to cut felt circles here.

Cut through both layers of t-shirt keeping them together.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 3

Tutorial Petal Scarf 4

Tutorial Petal Scarf 5

Pin a few circles together, one color on top and the other. Here, I placed the black on the bottom. The circles are placed in a wavy fashion.

Thread a needle and with a double thread sew through both layers using a running stitch. When you get the hang of it, just drop the pinning step.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 6
Keep the thread tight, but not too tight, so the “petals” fall better. Adjust while you sew.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 4
The image below shows both front and back.
Tutorial Petal Scarf 5
Finished! See how easy it is?
Petal Scarf Blue
- Experiment with circle size, material and length. 
- Use different shades of the same color and make a single layered scarf.
- Make one for your favorite little girl. Girls (small and big) love the idea of wearing leaves and petals to stay warm. 
This is a wonderful project to bring with you on the road, once all the circles are cut.
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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this scarf and so appreciate your tutorial. You have a beautiful sense of style and creativity in re-purposing materials.

  2. Rowena says:

    You're right. This would be so great for my daughter, in pink and white. Like a flower.

  3. Pascale says:

    This is really a great project! I love its simplicity and the outcome!! Very nice!

  4. Sharon says:

    perfect tutorial….and a perfect compliment to my circle skirt don't you think! thanks!

  5. olivia says:

    i love this! it's beautiful. do you think using larger circles would be ok, or would it look too distorted?

  6. acqua says:

    Great! I can't wait for the weekend when I'll (hopefully) have time to make one of these.

  7. monika aebischer says:

    Schön das Du wieder da bist und noch dazu mit einer so super coolen und dennoch super einfachen arbeit… da kommt mir auch noch in den sinn hin und wieder eine perle mit auf den faden zu ziehen beim nähen… ein bisschen glitzer.. oder auch einen knopf…. recycled von blusen… oder aus seiden blusen/kleider oder leinen kleidern ausgeschnitten, oder mal eine lage mit organza.. ah.. siehst du wie du meine kopf zum rauchen bringst.. (grins).. herzliches dankeschön…

  8. suschna says:

    Nach deinen Worten gestern zu den bezahlten Gedanken dachte ich ja, dass das tutorial jetzt vielleicht etwas kosten würde :-) Nun dann kann ich ja trotzdem noch sagen, was ich mir selbst immer sage: Auch wenn etwas nicht bezahlt wird, ist es trotzdem etwas wert. Aber das weißt du ja, und in den USA scheint mir das "pro bono" auch noch besser angesehen als hier.
    Vor Kurzem hatte ich mir aus meinem Wollstofffundus Blätter zugeschnitten (inspiriert von einem Geldbaum) und mit der Maschine als Kette aneinandergenäht. Deine Schals machen aber viel mehr her, sie sind auch viel abstrakter. Die dunkle einfarbige Version gefällt mir am besten.

  9. kampinga says:

    Oh how lovely! What a great idea – simple yet effective. Love the skirt too, by the way. And the hat.

    Nice to see you back again!

  10. a pinch of it says:

    He he, I need a pink one for my frock…. :)
    in Sri Lanka it is not a must to wear but it is a style to wear a scarf.But I never loved to wear a scarf, it gives me a normal look if I wear a one from the shop. All those look same style.
    But this inspired me. I Love it dear Kathrin.

  11. Amoronia says:

    You are so full of brillian ideas!!! I just might try that actually :)

  12. Pamela says:

    love. love. love.

  13. The Big Sister and The Little Sister says:

    Very cool, the Sisters have a plan for Christmas presents now… thanks!

  14. Eva says:

    wow, this is so beautiful and easy to do! even myself probably can do~yes i am not at all handy this way, but this one i can see me trying. Thank you for giving the opportunity to us, less knowledge and crafty people to create something so lovely and beautiful to wear!
    good to have you back again and renewed!

  15. mirta says:

    Estoy muy contenta por haberla encontrado, porque yo realicé una que luego enviaré foto, pero ademas quiero citar la fuente.
    Esto quiere decir nombrar al autor del trabajo..
    Desde ya muchas gracias.

  16. Janice says:

    Super cute! I’m pinning on my Fabric Salad “Upcycled Fabric Projects” board! Cheers!


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