Reconstructed Sculpted Fashion

As I was looking through my posts of the last week, it became clear that in my clothing construction there’s really no constructing without deconstructing because I almost always work with recycled material. It seems perfectly fine for me to cut into a functional piece of clothing whose aesthetic I don’t like to transform it into something new; something which fits me and my style better. 

A very sophisticated example of this process is found on Julia Barbee’s website “Frocky Jack Morgan“. She’s a designer with a sculpting background using recycled material.

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The video below: How to Recycle Old Clothes into New Fashions : Tips for Sculpting Old Clothing explains her principle themes and techniques.

This is part of a series that explains her process ranging from “finding the raw material” to “how to sew beads onto old fabric”.
It’s almost Thanksgiving and many people will be on the road. They probably won’t walk to where they’re going on railroad tracks, but the image on top is wonderful and a perfect finale to my patchwork quilts and clothes theme for the week.

We’re having Thanksgiving here and it’s time to sort through the recipes. This is our first vegetarian Thanksgiving. Any ideas?

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  1. ~Heather says:

    Here's a list of vegetarian T'giving recipes in today's NYT. I haven't tried any of them, but they all look beautiful!

  2. annekata says:

    Thanks so much Heather. Just looked at the page and all the dishes look delicious.

  3. Cathy says:

    We carried Julia's line in our shop. Each piece was so unique, especially her wedding dresses. And I loved that her dresses came in a variety of sizes (many boutique designers cater to the smaller sizes). She also makes fabulous hair accessories out of vintage rhinestones.

  4. KatieQ says:

    My daughter became a vegetarian in April so this is my first Thanksgiving trying to accommodate her as well as the rest of the family. Unfortunately, unlike most vegetarians, she doesn't really like vegetables.

  5. Charissa says:

    I liked your first line:
    "As I was looking through my posts of the last week, it became clear that in my clothing construction there's really no constructing without deconstructing because I almost always work with recycled material."

    Isn't it cool how blogging can help clarify your own interests and style? Writing about your creative work on a regular basis and having a place to collect the things that catch your eye can be quite enlightening, even to yourself!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the third holiday feast we did the 'traditional' dinner plus a vegetarian version for my mom. T'day is my mom's favorite holiday and meal, so we always try to make the veg version as close to the traditional version as possible. Two tips: she loves the Tofurkey from Trader Joe's, and instead of chicken/turkey/vegetable broth, we've started using 'Better than Boullion' No Chicken Base, which is a vegetarian 'chicken' broth starter that you mix with hot water. I've been able to change all my soup recipes to use that, and everyone's happy. On T'day, she makes her stuffing and gravy using that. Pretty much all of our other sides are vegetarian already, so her plate looks like everyone else's. Good luck! Sorry I didn't see this until after thanksgiving. ;)

  7. annekata says:

    @Anonymous: Thanks so much for the tips. Even after Thanksgiving they are helpful. We replaced the stock with vegetable broth, and that helped with all the recipes, mushroom gravy included. It's true, most of the vegetable sides are vegetarian already, so we had an extraordinarily delicious feast.
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  8. children's footwear says:

    Very creative!I sometimes did stuff like this from my old clothes.My grandmother taught to sew and do stitches so i definitely appreciate every part of the video.I agree,thinking outside the box combining with your like gives the best result.

  9. Plumbing says:

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