Lunch and Love…

Lunch Box with Note

School has started and I am back to making lunch boxes every day. EVERY day! We are using the “Laptop Lunch Box” which we loved for the last 3 years. But now some compartments are missing and it’s made from plastic. Food and plastic don’t mix well in my opinion. My dear friend Maya found two great lunch box options and wrote an excellent post about them. She also made a really cool insulated bag for one of them out of a re-purposed army blanket.
Pop Up Envelope Notes

Lunches are important for everyone. Think back. Doesn’t everybody remember what lunch looked like when we were kids? Well, I didn’t have lunch at school in Germany, we only had snack time. And boy, we couldn’t wait for our “Pausenbrot” which means “Break-Bread or Sandwich”. That’s the sandwich you ate at 9.20am.  I remember all the details; how it looked, felt in my hand and tasted.
When my daughter started school, I tried to make the lunches fun. Colors, shapes, good food, you name it. But I often included a little note (because we had some trouble separating, my child and I), saying important things like “Have a great day”, or simply “Thinking of you, sweetie”…. you get the idea. She was always so happy, when I remembered. One day, after I had seen “Bright Star” I made a Victorian Puzzle Purse and included it in her lunch box. I was the hero of the day and upped my mama status by making “cool lunches”.
Lunch Box with Notes
Victorian Puzzle Purse Notes
They’re really quite striking. See the entire picture How-To here.
Sometimes I put a little pop up envelope like in the top picture with a little note inside. Mornings are tough and often rushed for everyone, so I make a few notes and re-use them. When I don’t have time to be poetic, she’ll find a tiny cookie. I find that it doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s the attention that counts.
Here’s how you can make your own:
Pop Up Envelope Instructions
If you need line drawing instructions, Yasutomo has them here.

Why do we need a special day to tell someone we care, when it’s so easy to slip a little note into a laptop bag or lunchbox?

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  1. OrloSubito says:

    wowww that's a coooool lunch box!!!!!!
    it made me to remember my japanese old friend at school, her lunches were always amazing!!!!!!!
    i just read a post in an italian blog, she made the boxes with tetrabrik:

  2. mayaluna says:

    What a lucky daughter! Those are beyond any love lunch notes I've ever seen! I like the idea of the pop up one that can be changed around on any given day.

  3. Sharon says:

    fyi…..i am up for adoption and think i could easily get used to having a cool lunch, note and puzzle purse (wasn't bright star beautiful!?) please consider…i live cheap…

  4. suschna says:

    Ich hatte immer ein Brötchen mit Maggi drauf (von mir selbst geschmiert).
    Meinen Tochter hat vorhin eure Lunchbox gesehen und gefragt, ob das Essen darin genäht sei? :-)

  5. Lucy Patterson :: HANDS-ON says:

    Wow! What a beautiful, bright, healthy and delightful lunchbox! All your loving attention to detail is absolutely gorgeous. Your kids must be the envy of all their friends! ;)

    Spring is here in New Zealand and while you're dreaming of being able to wear boots again :), I enjoyed finally liberating my toes for a barefoot walk on the beach yesterday! To celebrate Spring, I've got a giveaway on my blog. Do check it out! : )

    I love your blog. It's always so delightful and inspiring.
    Lucy x

  6. Linda Urban says:

    My kids use tiffins and Eco-Lunch stainless steel containers. I stitched a lunchbag for my boy using this tutorial:
    And embroidered it with one his own robot drawings. He loves it.
    I am going to try your origami envelope, though. My daughter will love it.

    Do you make your own california rolls? I'm very impressed.

  7. annekata says:

    @Linda Urban: Love the idea of your embroidered lunch bag. Especially that you used your son's robot drawings! Very impressive. And yes, I made the california rolls. My first ones looked sad with a taste to match and had to be eaten with a fork, but now they look like 'rolls' and are tasty.

  8. heleen says:

    I tried your origami envelopes yesterday, what a nice and relaxing thing to do. I am sure I will use it to send small notes to my loved ones. Unfortunately my oldest daughter gets food at school (I am always worrying about the quality :-(), so I miss the chance to make her such a nice lunch as you do.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!

    A Dutchie living in France

  9. Linda Urban says:

    Okay, tried my hand at making Calfornia rolls today. The result was not particularly pleasing, but I'm not giving up. Did you perhaps follow any online directions or tutorial?

  10. annekata says:

    @Linda: My first California rolls had to be eaten with a fork (and not just once), but it takes only a few times. Here's what I do:

    - cook brown rice
    - mix rice vinegar with a bit of salt and sugar to taste
    - mix brown rice and rice vinegar while the rice is still warm (this is important)
    - cut your carrots, cucumbers and whatever else you want to use
    - get out the bamboo rolling mat
    - place toasted nori sheet on the mat
    - spread a thin layer of brown rice leaving some space (2 inches) at edge furthest away from you
    - sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of the rice if you want
    - place the filling next to each on top of the rice leaving some space to close the the roll
    - use a little water to "glue" the nori roll together
    - cut in small pieces with a really sharp knife

    Nori sheets are more sturdy than one would think, so roll them really tightly. When nothing works, I grumble, disassemble and toast another sheet. Then I break it in half and make little cones to be filled. My daughter likes those just the same.

    Hope you can use some of these tips.

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