The County Fair: Why Do I Go Every Year?

County Fair
Every year at the end of August, we wait for the county fair to arrive marking the end of summer. Every year we go and enjoy the rides, the bustling atmosphere, bright lights and happy kids’ faces. Think E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. Our daughter’s ritual each year is to bang the hammer as hard as she can to ring the bell. Of course it always rings. She was suspicious this year. Last year she won the “Fun Fair Bear” and this year a blue inflatable dolphin.

Overlooking the fields from the Ferris wheel, we hear the cheering of crowds, the crashes from the demolition derby and the roaring monster trucks. We also learn who grew the biggest zucchini in the county and pat some cute lonely baby cows.  A black haired lady will take a willing hand and read the future in some pink fabric clad trailer.

County Fair

When the sun goes down and the cars are finally smashed, the lights and the faces don’t seem to glow so brightly any more. They are testimony of too many beers and too many years of traveling from town to town. Of missed or no opportunities.

The fair reminds me of the last remaining small traveling circuses in Europe. They’re wonderful, magic and melancholic all at the same time.

What is this romance of the traveling folks? Of gypsies and circus people?  At the end of summer I feel a longing for travel and more adventure, just as the routine of school and boxed lunches arrive.

Soon I will be confined to the house for many long winter months. Well, I could go out, but it’s too cold. However, first comes fall, my favorite season. Because then I can wear boots. And hats!

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  1. OrloSubito says:

    i have never been in a fair plike this, but it seams so fun:-)
    thank you for the etsy shop!!!!
    i done my first flowers hand sewed :-)
    if you want to take a look:

  2. Linda Urban says:

    I always look forward to boot season. I have knee-high Timberlands that I adore and it is so hard to wait for the first reasonable day to wear them. In New England, it seems a shame to rush any of the seasons, but always at this time of year I am eager for the cool days and the crimson leaves and those boots boots boots.
    Loved this post of yours.

  3. Sharon says:

    ah yes…the fair….our state fair is always october and usually means….rain….lots of rain! i have been when it was so cold it felt like snow and when it was so hot one could not shed enough clothes! always a pleasure….fall is my very favorite as well and it can't get here soon enough…but till then, we have 98 degrees called for ALL week…it will make the cooler temps all the more crisp when they arrive…lovely post…especially the cow! :)

  4. Slipstitches says:

    I do miss this one county fair we used to attend in Virgina, USA. Thanks for making me remember how much fun we used to have.

  5. MissKoolAid says:

    Our fairs are not nearly as fun as yours.
    And the longing for traveling, adventure, gypsies and such… I get it. I totally get it.
    And I too love hat season, I mean fall. ;-)

  6. Rowena says:

    We went to the fair, too. We saw a sheep being sheared and wool being spun, baby chicks hatching, rode the ferris wheel and carousel, won prizes… lots of fun.

    And don't forget it's almost time for sweaters, too.

    Oh I wanted to tell you I just made some skirts inspired by you and I linked to you, too.

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