Monday Inspiration: Wolf and Pig

This stop motion film by Takeuchi Taijin is one of my favorites of this genre. It was part of the “2010 Disposable Film Festival”, a festival dedicated to films made on non professional devices including cell phones, still cameras and webcams amongst others.

Isn’t this inspiring? See what you can do with a vision and a digital camera!

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6 Responses to “Monday Inspiration: Wolf and Pig”

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  1. Andrea Garland says:

    Amazingly creative :D

  2. luluvillage says:


  3. Shelley Noble says:

    Little more info for ya: This is really an object animation vs. a proper stop motion.

    This one uses regular inanimate objects as opposed to specially created puppets.

    The even more specific term "Pixilation" refers to the use of live humans as stop motion characters.

    I'm just stop mo fanatic spreading the stop mo gospel! Love your blog!

  4. annekata says:

    @Shelley: Oh my, I didn't know any of this. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain!

  5. OrloSubito says:

    is wonderful!!!!i love it:-D

  6. Sharon says:

    i know absolutely nothing of this sort of thing but taken at face value it was just so fun! love it…

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