Movement and Comfort

Impromptu Circus Party
I’m most comfortable in clothes that are beautiful and allow free movement. Clothes that let me balance on a 2×4 in the morning and are “cool” enough to show up at a friend’s house for tea that afternoon. We couldn’t have found a better person to represent this principle than Casey Benson, a yoga instructor seen in these pictures who specializes in classes for children.

These thoughts were in mind when Maya and I each created our impromptu circus. Check in with her today to learn about hula hoops and training wild animals to jump through a ring of fire!

Impromptu Circus Party

When it comes to clothes, there are only a few items in which I’m really comfortable…

There’s a “Summer Challenge” out in the blogosphere that dares the reader to wear only 10 items of clothing for the 91 days of summer. Is that a challenge, I wonder? Mmmmh. Isn’t that what most people would do if they didn’t have to dress up for work? If you have a husband you already know that. Don’t all wardrobes house “the comfortable”, “the beautiful” and “the forgotten”?

All my fancy clothes which are beautiful, but restrictive, enjoy a good retirement in my closet. Every once in a while a vintage dress made of mystery fiber ends up in my wardrobe, because I get inspired by the look, the colors or the inspiration it creates. I imagine wearing it to a party, looking glamorous and having a sophisticated evening with pleasant conversation and soft music. In reality, here in the countryside with cows as the main spectators, the only time I ever wear these dresses are the 5 minutes right before I go to bed when I try them on to see, if they “still fit”. Then I get “the look” from my daughter, and I meekly return them to their retirement home secure in the knowledge that tomorrow,  I’ll still wear one of my favorite things; likely something comfortable, probably made from recycled t-shirts.

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  1. Terri says:

    Can you share more about this "Summer Challenge". Who started it and how can I get more info or sign up. Thanks so much. Love your blog!!!

  2. annekata says:

    Thanks Terri, the "GbD Summer Light" Challenge was created by "Green by Design"
    Find more information right here:

  3. linda urban says:

    I'm so with you, honey. I've got a uniform of sorts: Jeans (I have two pair), a long or short sleeve t (usually black, always plain), and a cardigan. I do have a lot of cardigans. The wool ones I wear in fall, winter, spring and some summer mornings. The cotton ones find me in the summer.
    Yes, I have a few fancier things. Some skirts come into the mix when I do school visits (I write books for kids and try to look nice for my author presentations) and one suit for grown-up things. I'm always flummoxed when I need a real dress, which is about once every two or three years.

  4. Charissa says:

    Great post. Really resonating with:
    1) Having a husband to show you that 10 items are probably all that's really necessary in a wardrobe (never thought about it that way but true for me!).
    2) How fewer items we'd wear if we didn't have to "dress up" (I wear a lot of clothes but it's all much simpler than when I worked at an art museum).
    3) Holding onto things that are really for our alter-egos (just bought a necklace today that is for the 'fancy' me…not the toddler-companion me!).

  5. Sharon says:

    let's see some more comfy clothes ideas! i love your look…and recycled tees…..i'm there!

  6. Sarah says:

    I would love a tutorial or two on some tee-shirt fashion! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I appreciate it!! Thanks!

  7. Michelle York says:

    black jersey 'yogi pants' draw string style..a black t-shirt long. I bought 10 beachy-type dresses from target last year (2 of each color) and have only worn 3 colors so far. The dresses act as a tunic..color blocking. Each planet has it's own color and day. I can have an afternoon nap and it's like wearing PJs' and go off to the market and I don't even have to change! Comfort rules!

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