A Summer Post: Strandkorb/Beach Basket

Strandkorb/Beach Basket
(Image: http://www.zeno.org/)

Kampinga sent me a link with incredible beach fashion from the June 1867 issue of “The Lady’s Friend” and now I am totally obsessed with everything related to beach life of the past. While I discovered some wonderful images from the turn of the last century I’ve also found some of European Beaches featuring the famous “Strandkorb“. That’s “beach basket” in English.

In 1882 a German basket maker from Rostock invented a comfortable chair for an elegant lady from Warnemuende with a rheumatic condition, who nevertheless wanted to vacation on the windswept Baltic shores.

Strandkorb/Beach Basket
The man on the right looks very much like Kaiser Wilhem II. (Image: http://www.zeno.org/)
It was single seat model at first, but rapidly evolved to accommodate two people. A Strandkorb seems like a very decent alternative to a couch. It reclines, has two little side tables for drinks and books and some storage area underneath. Perfect for small apartments. But not for small budgets. Only the steep price prevented me from purchasing one. (They range anywhere from $500 to $3000 and I like the pricey ones with all the features.)
Strandkorb/Beach Basket
The traditional Strandkoerbe still have the stripes in either red or blue and you can rent them for the day. In Germany that is.  They haven’t changed much over in the last 100 years. The design was pretty much complete by 1910. The design is timeless. Now, let’s take a look at the beach wear:
Beach Wear around 1900
(Image: http://www.zeno.org/)

Look at the dress with the bias tape… the parasol…the hat…those shoes

It’s actually not all that different than today. In fact I’ve seen these parasols in almost every current fashion magazine…What do you think?
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  1. kampinga says:

    I like the 'beach baskets'! I'd never seen them before – they look like all you need for a day of lazy lounging . Fantastic. And what a lovely story, of how they came about.

  2. Sharon says:

    alrighty then! you must, i repeat, must have one of these beach baskets. can't you just see yourself sitting in that comfort sewing? room for storing all your little sewing goodies, books and then just enjoying the process? it's a must have! and those shoes, of my the shoes…(not so keen on the hat myself though….) loved this post…you know stuff!!

  3. muralimanohar says:

    Those are just wrong. As wrong as going camping, and setting up a home away from home, right down to the kitchen table and sink. :p The beach is for getting in there and enjoying the experience!! :D

    The parasol…I have a whole folder of parasol/umbrella pics I have been collecting for a future post, cause started seeing them EVERYWHERE a couple years ago…and there were enough really gorgeous pics to warrant a post…someday. :p

  4. Laura Pinto-Nguyen says:

    Oh my goodness…I almost fell off my chair seeing this post…you see, I was talking about these beach baskets just yesterday with my friend because we saw this clear stamp from a company called Whiff Of Joy with these beach baskets. I had never seen one before in my life and my friend had to explain what they were. Here's the stamp we were looking at:


    Thank you for the informational post. Love it!!!


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