When Children Decorate…

Window Paint

The other day I asked my daughter to make a stained glass window in our hallway. She was thrilled with this task. We used tempera paint as it washes right off. At least, that’s the idea. I actually like it quite a bit as the hallway is dark and when the sun shines in the morning, it’s a cheerful little asset to an otherwise dark entrance. This is what inspired my daughter:

Flowers Around My House

Flowers Around My House

Flowers Around My House

To me it’s important that my daughter is part of deciding how our home looks. Beyond her own room. Same for the garden. She planted all the pansies. Whenever I ask her for her opinion of how something looks or where to place an object, she is really proud to have a say. I find that kids involved in these kinds of decisions take much better care of their environment when they are part of creating it. Same with food and cooking.

Is it time consuming? Yes. Do areas of our house sometimes have the feeling a 7 year old crazy interior designer made all the decisions? Yes. Then yesterday I find a little scotch tape piece pasted to the window on which she wrote with a marker: “Papa, I love you.” Is that lovely? YES!

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  1. madebymegs says:

    I would leave that up for a while…I think it is adorable and refreshing!

  2. Sharon says:

    i love it!! it is charming, inviting and enchanting…everything a stained glass window should be…..

  3. Charlotte says:

    It does look lovely – don't wash it off yet!

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx


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