2 Minute Paper Bag Pop Up Envelope

Paper Bag Pop Up Envelope
When I mail something to friends, I try to use some kind of pop up box. One that folds flat when you mail it, but springs into a box shape when you release it. Because it’s always a bit surprising and makes what you send a little more special. While there are many sophisticated origami ideas out, this one takes you only 2 minutes to make. If that.
I also store fabric bits or lace in them . Needless to say that the concept doesn’t work with 3-dimensional things like rocks.Or tiny things.
If you want to try one of those envelopes, here’s how:
- brown paper bag
- scissors
- 2 minutes

Paper Bag Pop Up Envelope

Now you’re done. You can completely close the box with some tape, if you like. When you pull gently the longer taps side and upward, the envelope pops up into a box.

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  1. Sharon says:

    so fun and cute…can't wait to try this fun idea…what a great idea for treat bags of tiny little things…which are of course the best kind! thanks…

  2. Charissa says:

    I totally smiled when I read your first line: "When I mail something to friends, I try to use some kind of pop up box." I wasn't expecting that!

    Question for you – do you then put this in another envelope, or can it be mailed as-is?


  3. annekata says:

    Hi Charissa,
    Usually I put it in another envelope, but if you taped the top, I guess you can mail it just "as is".
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Becca says:


    I just discovered your beautiful blog while blog hopping! I am so inspired! I write a creative blog and feature amazing creators and would love to feature your fabric tape tutorial in it's entirety with full credit and links back to your site! I have a wonderful readership and know they would love this! I tried finding an email address but didn't see one! Please email me if that is ok!


    Blue Cricket Design

  5. SpecialScout says:

    What a cool idea! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

  6. boatx2 says:

    This brings handmade envelopes to a new level!
    I always make my envelopes from magazine pages to capitalize on the blessings of The-Era-Of-Graphic-Design, but I really love these. I'll use this the next time I mail something to a friend! ^_^

    Question: When you use one to hold your fabric, does it work well w/ a stack of fabric r is it more of a one-thin-hankie sort of parcel?

  7. annekata says:

    @boatx2: It holds like a 'smallish' stack of fabrics. Definitely more than a hankie. The more you put in, the bigger the opening at the top…
    Enjoy your weekend!

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